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Jan 17, 2007 05:46 AM

Date with Korean girl: K-Town - Where should I go?

This will be my second date and I need help finding the perfect place.

I am pretty unfamiliar with the area - only having done research on-line.

I am looking for a place that is not too divey - but serves korean cuisine that will please and impress a native with a decent atmosphere.

So far all I have thought up of is Sa git Rol. Thoughts?

She also likes Japanese food - so although I am leaning moreso toward korean food perhaps there is an izakaya you could reccomend - should we last minute change plans.

Also - any ideas on korean chowish gifts I might be able to buy for her - as I plan to spend the day of the date exploring k-town?

Kind Regards and Thanks for your help.

Side Notes:
Is there any korean street food to be had?
Have you been to Western Soondae?

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  1. Chosun Galbi is great, upscale BBQ, classy and modern, will impress. I like the food, too.

    There is a more downscale BBQ place called Manna that is lively and younger in its draw. Haven't eaten there - they were closing when I last tried to get in.

    If you're wandering around, though, during your date, perhaps you'll happen across a place she'd like better. You can also judge her reaction on the spot. Seems like a more fun way to roll. Having a go-to spot in your mind should the wandering not work out would be a good hedge.

    Last, izakaya-wise it's not in KTown but I like Ita Cho on Beverly, not too far out of KTown and it's a good date spot. The miso eggplant is nice.

    1. I'd recommend Musha on Wilshire and 5th. On the advice of Chowhounds I went on a first date there. The food was great and it had a fun but not too trendy atmosphere. They take reservations. Also close to the 3rd St promenade to stroll around later.

      Wharo on Lincoln has a very nice atmosphere for a date and I love the food, although it's not the most authentic Korean.

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        Musha is good for dates. Since they have small plates, you need to work together to order and you need to share. That alone forces some conversation and interaction, which is good. And, most of all, the food is outstanding.

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          The OP was looking for options in Koreatown, and Musha is in Santa Monica. Just wanted to clear up any confusion, since Wilshire Blvd does run through Ktown and there is a 5th Street as well.

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            I've always preferred the one in Torrance...

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              I've only been to the one in Torrance and that one was decent so the one in Santa Monica must not be very special.

            2. i've been to Western Soondae, more of a lunch place, the atmosphere is that of a no-nonsense eatery, kind of like a "driver's restaurant" in Korea (meaning a cheap place for car driver's to eat lunch while they wait for their employers who are eating at a upscale place).

              for a date, I agree with the poster above, Chosun Galbi is a good place. you could try Dong-il Jang. Just went there the other night after several years. Good grilled meats and surprisingly, they have an extensive Japanese foods menu too. not as nice as Chosun Galbi but pretty good, in an old-school way.

              hope it goes well!

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                : ) If I went to WS - it would be on my Congealed pork blood sausage is not my idea of good 2nd date fare.....sorry I did not make that clear in op.

              2. when i used to live in socal, my favorite place was the lighthouse restaurant in garden grove. garden grove is kind of a dive but the restaurant is nice and the best part is that they bring hot coals to your table for the korean bbq instead of using those butane burners. :o)

                1. if youre thinking on the level of an izakaya, then youre thinking casual enough for places like

                  guimok and l.a. omogari. honey pig too except that it can get loud there. none of these are upscale places like yongsusan and none of them will set you back as much as a place like the sleek chosun galbi. they are all down to earth places with great food that most korean people will love. places id take my parents out to when they make the trip down to l.a. and want to see how the ktown here compares to the bay area.

                  for street food go to ddosoon ee or koos grill. both have slightly different versions of hoddeok. icekiss is also a good spot but its more icy stuff, not necessarily street food.

                  gui-mok korean bbq
                  414 south western avenue #e
                  213) 388 9299

                  L.A. Omogari (kimchi jjigae, kimchi fried rice)
                  901 S Western Ave
                  (323) 734-4500

                  Honey Pig
                  3400 W 8th St
                  213) 380-0256

                  ddo soon ee
                  3603 west 6th street
                  213 380-0112

                  California Market (Gaju Market)
                  (where the koos grill truck lives)
                  450 S Western Ave
                  (213) 382-9444

                  ice kiss
                  3407 W 6th St
                  (213) 382-4776

                  ALL in lost angeles