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Something fun and quaint in the OC (near 22 and 57)

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Just wondering if anyone knew of any quaint restaurants in the OC - near Orange where the 22 and 57 meet up.

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    1. How about Jägerhaus? That's on Ball Rd at the 57, not very far from the 22. German food -- one of the last German restaurants in Southern California.

      1. quaint? Park Avenue in Stanton, perhaps?

        1. Felix's International Cafe on the Orange Circle!! The food is great and very affordable!

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            I 2nd that. Get the Chicken Supreme and you can't go wrong.

            "Felix is getting mixed reviews on this board. Personally, even if Felix was the last restaurant on earth, I'd stay starving."

            So have you been there or "you just heard that"? They have an extensive menu so it could depend on what you order.


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              Of course i've eaten there myself thank you very much. I do not have to rely on hearsay to form my own opinion.

              I went there, had the driest, blah-est chicken supreme. ack! The service was very bad, my friends and I left the place shaking our heads as to what the hype was all about. We didn't finish our food and never bothered to brown bag them.

          2. Felix is getting mixed reviews on this board. Personally, even if Felix was the last restaurant on earth, I'd stay starving.

            The Catch on State College and Orangewood is close to both 22 (City drive) and 57(Katella) or King's Fish House (Katella and Main) very close to the Pond.

            1. Lets see... fun and quaint and near 57 and 22:
              Gabbi's mexican in Old town Orange is both fun and quaint, with really good food to boot.

              Felix is also, but the only thing I really like there are the roast pork dishes: the chicken can be dry and the fish dishes are out of the question. They do have the best Tres Leches cake I have had outside of San Juan, though.

              Just 1 block south of the 22 on Main (Which becomes Glassell north of the freeway) is Bangkok Taste, the current best bet for Thai food in this part of Orange County now that Thai Nakorn has burned down. It is certainly quaint...(your basic storefront Thai joint) and can be fun with the right people.

              Of the three, you might have the most fun at Gabbi's. It is in the nicest room, and has really good drinks as well as food. Call ahead to get your name on the list, or expect to wait a bit, though.

              1. how about The Olde Ship in Santa Ana? You can kick it in one of their booths and fill up on comfort food.


                I second Park Ave if it's close enough for you. I'm going there for my bday this weekend. But I think it's more hip and retro than quaint...