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Country Crock Mashed Potatoes admission

I started to write this post with a bunch of excuses as to why a made from scratch girl would visit the dark side of prepared foods land and gave up. I tried Country Crock Mashed Potatoes at a party and thought they were good. Bought them for dinner and was even more happy with the product. So there you have it, no excuses, if you are significantly pressed for time and want mashed potatoes I suggest giving them a try.

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  1. I share in your pain and addiction to MPs.

    My SLIP (Serenity Lost Its Priority) into the Dark Side is generally caused by the taters suddenly spoiling on me -and-or- total lack of energy to stand in front of the sink to peel them. Country Crock is up there perhaps a 3.5 on a 5 scale with some equals or inferiors like Simply Potatoes(=), or Bob Evans(-).

    But, now I keep a bag of raw shredded potatoes in my freezer. Those are ready to boil and drain. Then mash(with very little effort), milk, butter, and season for a definite 4.0-4.5 MP fix. It's much closer in real taste and texture if done right.


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      "But, now I keep a bag of raw shredded potatoes in my freezer."

      Please explain exactly what you do to prepare them. Don't they turn color?

    2. I was feeling lazy one night and wanted mashed potatoes and was going to pick up one of those country crock things, until I looked at the price and thought - I could buy 5 lbs of potatoes, a stick of butter, and a small carton of milk for less than they are getting for small container of mashed potatoes. Laziness is quite expensive.

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        I absolutly agree, but with 6 kids I take all the fast, shortcuts I can. Try Diners Choice MP cheaper than CC and just as good. Especially the garlic, my kids love them.

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          > > ""I was feeling lazy one night and wanted mashed potatoes and was going to pick up one of those country crock things...""

          Like I tell my sis, "Never shop for an item your hungry for, because them store keeps have their pricing system coordinated with your stomach." So SHE is the one dishing out something like $4.59 for a container of MP. It can rot at that price. My last containers of CC was a 3 for $5 deal. (~$1.67 each) Now, they are worth it.

          > > ""Laziness is quite expensive.""

          I would say "temptation is even more expensive".


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            I wasn't being lazy. I had been working long hours all week and wanted a home cooked meal. I agree it wasn't the most economical choice but compared to the cost of eating out or ordering in it was a happy medium. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

          2. I also have a secret addiction to a prepared potato product, if it makes you feel any better! Ore Ida Twice-baked Potatoes, particularly the cheddar ones... my grandma used to fix these for me with extra cheese and a pat of butter on top and I loved them! (I actually make homemade twice-baked potatoes often, with all kinds of fillings, but these just hit the spot sometimes.) I haven't had them in ages! Think I need a fix soon!

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            1. re: Katie Nell

              Katie, you can keep the Twice-baked Potatoes.

              I mean that, I won't even get refried beans- because they didn't get them right the first time. <wink>

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                I love those twice baked potatoes. I completely forgot about them, thanks for jogging my memory.

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                  Katie, if you like twice baked potatoes, I have successfully frozen them. You can buy a large quantity of baking potatoes, bake them, fix with butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, whatever you like and freeze individually on cookie sheet. I store them in Food Saver bags and take out 1 at a time as needed. You can nuke them or heat in toaster oven. Great for nights when we don't all get to eat together as a family.

                  1. re: Diane in Bexley

                    That is a fabulous idea! I may try that this weekedn so the husband can have them whenever he wants.

                2. I also love mashed potatoes and any meat gravy, and sometimes the "need" to have them is on a work night, and I do not have time to peel the potatoes, cook them, etc...unless I want to eat after 8:00 p.m.. So I have tried these country crock, and another brand I cant remember prepared mashed potatoes, and they are ok.

                  Nowhere near home made with the heavy cream, and sometimes the garlic I add, but they feed my craving for them as I said.

                  1. Haven't tried any of the refrigerated MPs, mostly because of the cost factors noted elsewhere, but partly because I can easily feed my MP addiction with those bags of frozen potato balls. Half a bag in a six-cup covered dish with milk and a glob of butter-like substance and some pepper, zapped with a stirring session halfway through, and there we are. Okay, it's a much finer purée than I really prefer, but the flavor is excellent. Besides that, even if we don't factor in the time it takes to make them from scratch, figuring the cost of decent potatoes and the gas to cook them makes the frozen ones a real bargain.

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                    1. Thanks for all he quick alternatives, I will definitely give these a try.

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                      1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L


                        It is so unfortunate, "potato flakes/spuds" gave instant potatoes a such bad reputation, because they are indeed bad.

                        Another unfortunate thing is the "potato pearls*", a mastered _Real Potato_ dry mix, has to be bulk purchased to be feasable. (*Slightly lower grades are called "granules")

                        Well, to blow the bubble here, the cold/frozen stored MP isn't all what you think. Yes, it is real mashed potatos, but for the most part they contain the latter*.

                        The home cooked MP isn't shelf stable. (We well know that we aren't going to keep them weeks in the fridge or for months frozen like the store counterpart)

                        Anyway, I thought it nice to know this. The fate of the in skin Real Potato is another topic, so later.


                      2. Has anyone who has tried the CC mashed potatoes also tried the Alexia frozen mashed potatoes? Curious on a comparison. I really dislike "instant" mashed, but picked up the Alexia "Yukon Gold and Sea Salt" one day on a whim, and actually enjoyed them. Don't get me wrong - definitely not as good as my homemade, but quite tasty and an easy side during the week with (frozen) homemade pot roast. And (for a frozen convenience food) I've generally been happy with the Alexia brand products. Not inexpensive, but sometimes convenience wins out.

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                          I have tried both, plus the Bob Evans (I think) brand. Alexia tastes great! And it is a pretty good product too. The others are surprisingly tasty too. I found the CC to have a more chunky texture, but that may be due to having frozen the refrigerated container. I love my homemade mashed, but tried a sample of Alexia and was amazed at how homemade they taste. As swsidejim said, when you want homemade flavor fast they work. And they are better than the homemade of many!

                          1. re: kerryfood

                            I love all of the Alexia products. They use all natural ingredients and no preservatives. The sodium content is also lower on most of their items. They are expensive, though.

                          2. I haven't tried these taters and I am not against prepared foods as some people are. what I am curious about is the ingridient list. I am always either totally disgusted or shocked to find out what some of these products contain. Couldn't find an ing. list on the website. I will have to check it out at the store.

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                            1. re: bolivianita

                              It has a huge ingrediant list. I like mashed potatoes ... I had a coupon ... it was on sale so I tried a couple of those CC things. It was ok. Not memorably bad or good.

                              If I need my mashed potato fix though and don't want to cook, I'm more likely to go to KFC, Popeyes, El Pollo Loco, etc. etc. They are hot and fresher and a little better for my taste ... and without the coupon/sale usually less expensive.

                              With CC it isn't an impulse buy. I have to be shopping and have to use them within some specific time.

                              I do like those little cups of mashed potatoes that are like the dried soup cups and there are some organic types. Some of the flavored varietes aren't so great (broccoli ... never rehydrate and are hard) while others are ok (roasted garlic).

                              These can sit in the cupboard for a while for an impulse snack and you can take them to work and have mashed potatoes just by adding water to the cup.

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                                Well, for something shelf stable I get this $8.00, number 10 can of Simplot Trio Granules (STG). Not including what the dry displaces that will make 12 qts of MP. That roughly comes out to 67 cents a quart.

                                Now what does "KFC, Popeyes, El Pollo Loco, etc. etc." overcharge for theirs and at what portion? <wink>

                                Unfortunately the STG is the only minimally acceptable of the dry instants and is available from this one wholesale house that will split the case.


                            2. If I'm in a hurry, a scrub some small red potatoes and toss them, unpeeled, into a pot of water to cook while I fix the rest of the meal. I drain them, then mash them up in the pot with a wooden fork, adding butter, chives, cream, whatever. They are slightly chunky mashed potatoes, but really delicious. If I think of it, I'll add a chopped clove of garlic along with the potatoes.

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                              1. re: pikawicca

                                I like to do that with the White Rose potatoes they sell here in SoCal, or with very thin-skinned Yukon Golds. Really delicious, and not so calorific as full-zoot mashed pots can be.

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                                  yeah.. for the two of us, I buy thin-skinned potatoes that are pretty much spotless already, wash them, don't peel - cut 2 into 1 to 2 -inch chunks, water to cover & cook. Then do the rest of the meal. 20 minutes maybe? We actually prefer chunky, peel-on MP and they are part of many quick weeknight meals.

                                  1. re: julesrules

                                    I do this also, except....I steam the potatoes along with a few bashed/smashed garlic cloves. Then drizzle EVOO and sprinkle with S & P and smoky paprika..

                                2. I usually get these when they are on sale and I have a coupon. They are quite tasty. I have also bought the Bob Evans brand as well.

                                  1. I've tried the Diners choice brand, I think they're a true time saver when you need a meal on the table fast. Mind you, we're all big potatoe fans here and I will fix the real ones if I have timel.
                                    I tried the CC brand of Scalloped Potatoes and they were very good. My whole family loved them and I'm glad I fixed two bowls.