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Jan 17, 2007 04:44 AM

Any pizza like Zachary's (Berkeley) in L.A.?

I recently had my first and only brush with Zachary's pizza and loved it. I'm not much of a pizza fan, much less a deep dish pizza fan, but I had no complaints here and would love to go back if it weren't so darn far away.

Anyone know a place that could be as comparable as possible to Zachary's down here?

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  1. The way Zachary's is expanding up in the Bay area I wouldn't be surprsied to see them down here in SoCal at some point. There has been a LOT of discussion about "Chicago-style" deep dish or stuffed crust pizza a search and you will find my posts and more.

    My bottom line:

    The real deal
    Tony's Little Italy in Placentia
    Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley

    Mixed reviews
    Masa in Echo Park

    Interesting California twist to the deep dish concept
    Zelo's in Arcadia

    Decent restauramts, edible pizza but not the real thing
    BJ's - multiple locations
    Selma's - Rancho Santa Margarita
    Numero Uno - wherever they still are
    Uno's Chicago Grill - not sure they are still here in SoCal

    Used to be here in SoCal and I wish they still were
    Gino's East in Manhattan Beach
    Giordano's in Laguna Hills

    2 on my list to try -- looks/sounds real promising
    Sal's Bit of Italy in Anaheim
    Romano's Chicago Pizza in Riverside (3 locations)

    1. Well, I'm not sure that I'd call the first newly opened Zachary's location in 25 years (San Ramon) a rapid or massive expansion. At that pace, our grandchildren might see a Zach's open up in SoCal.

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        LOL, I didn't realize that! I knew San Ramon had opened (that's where my sister-in-law's family lives) but I thought I heard plans of more expansion as well.

      2. FYI
        There is another pizza place in Oakland that is as good as Zachary's. Pastinos Pizaa and Pasta at 4207 Park Blvd.

        Zachary's is good but the tomatoes they use taste canned.

        1. Zelo is the closest in spirit but they don't serve the same type of pizza. I will committ blasphemy and say I like Zelo pizza better.