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Jan 17, 2007 04:42 AM

Old School Minnesota Flatbread Pizza Cut in Squares

I wasn't raised on this stuff, and I was appalled by it when I first moved here in 2000. But I have to admit that it's growing on me.

I consider Red's Savoy to be the archetype.
In my neck of the woods, Latuffs on 55 in Plymouth is the goods.

How do you like this type of pizza, and who does it well?

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  1. I'm with you. I'm also a transplant who was at first taken aback but I'm now warming up to it.

    Red's is good. Dulono's on Lake and (roughly) Lyndale is worth a try, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when they have free bluegrass.

    1. I was raised on Vescio's flat square-cut pizza. Vescio's rules!

      It sounds like I should check out Dulono's now that I can eat there (I love that smoking ban).


      1. I agree, Savoy's is the prototype, though my search has hardly been exhaustive. I also like Carbone's--they have a couple locations around the Cities, but, being St. Paul biased, the location I've tried is the one on Randolph, just a block or two West of Snelling. Solid neighborhood pizza joint, and they just started carrying beer.

        Actually, I'm not really sure how the various locations are connected to each other (siblings run them? cousins?)--and if they even use the same recipe, but the one on Randolph has that super thin crust that they then load up with a million and one ingredients.


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          Hey I'm a huge fan of Carbones myself too. The one on Randolph is THE ORIGINAL restaurant, and when they went chain, these guys said "no thanks". I actually interviewed the owners and they are getting a website up soon ( For those of us fans who have moved out of state or want to send pizza to relatives who left MN, hey will (hopefully) be setting up something that will allow people to have frozen 'zas to ordered and shipped out from the website.

          Shhh you didn't hear that from ME ;


          PS - they also are the only Carbone's to still have the original recipe from back in the 60's.

        2. It's not just the Twin Cities. Thin pizza cut into squares is also common in Chicagoland.

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            Its all over the midwest. Rolled dough, lots of sauce and toppings out to the edge, and a ton of cheese on top. Columbus and st. louis have similar pizza. Its all there is other than chains in NW Indiana, I was raised on the stuff. MMMMMMM

            1. re: Jordan

              yea, it's common all over the midwest and even up in winnipeg. i grew up in twin cities but live in western canada now. we have a 'winnpieg-style" pizza joint here, the only place in the city that prepares anything close to what i grew up on as a kid.

            2. Assuming Savoy is the standard, then you can't go wrong with Old World Pizza in Inver Grove Heights. OWP was formerly known as Pizza Factory until they moved to the new location at the intersection of Blaine Av and Upper 55th just east of Hwy 52 and South of 494.

              Great pizza in in the thin-crust-lots-of-chesse-and-spicy-sauce variety. Check out the lunch buffet which includes 8 different kinds of pizza, pasta and salad bar for $5.95.