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Jan 17, 2007 04:40 AM

Dallas Late Night Spots

Anyone have any late night spots outside the usual suspects that they can share in the Dallas area. Dallas seems like a culinary waste land after 11 p.m. these days compared to when I was in college.

To my mind, the usual suspects include:

Cafe Brazil
Snookie's Bar & Grill
New Big Wong

All leads (especially those between Northwest Highway and downtown) appreciated.

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    1. I've heard good things about Buzzbrew's, but haven't been yet.

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      1. re: gavlist

        Buzzbrew's is a solid diner with a lengthy menu of sandwiches and massive omelettes. Sort of a funkier, more Austin-y Cafe Brazil with better food. So far everyone I've gone with has been a fan.

        1. re: vktp

          Small dining and counter area, friendly staff, good food open 24 hours.

      2. Avanti Ristorante in uptown has an awesome late night service, but it's weekends only. Thursdays until 2 am and Fri-Sat until 3:30 am. I believe certain menu items are only available during the late service... for example the filet mignon sandwich is a must-try.

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        1. re: interference

          Yep, Avanti's, esp in the cold weather as they do a great minestrone soup.


        2. Big D's Dogs is open until 3am on weekends
          I think Village Burger Bar is open until midnight on weekends.

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          1. re: vktp

            Somehow this one slipped my mind the first time-- Metro Diner. Not that the food is good, but after a night at the bars, their biscuits on the grill top with gravy and pancakes are strangely satisfying.

            1. re: vktp

              Where is Big D's Dogs? Sounds good.


              1. re: Mike C. Miller

                Greenville, South of Mockingbird, north of Monticello, right across the street from Snuffer's. They have some interesting combinations which may not all work but the dogs themselves and potato buns are quality. Or at least they seemed that way after a night of drinking at Stan's ;)

            2. Coal Vine's is open til 1:00 and it's always a good crowd. Mike