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Dallas Late Night Spots

Anyone have any late night spots outside the usual suspects that they can share in the Dallas area. Dallas seems like a culinary waste land after 11 p.m. these days compared to when I was in college.

To my mind, the usual suspects include:

Cafe Brazil
Snookie's Bar & Grill
New Big Wong

All leads (especially those between Northwest Highway and downtown) appreciated.

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    1. I've heard good things about Buzzbrew's, but haven't been yet.

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        Buzzbrew's is a solid diner with a lengthy menu of sandwiches and massive omelettes. Sort of a funkier, more Austin-y Cafe Brazil with better food. So far everyone I've gone with has been a fan.

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          Small dining and counter area, friendly staff, good food open 24 hours.

      2. Avanti Ristorante in uptown has an awesome late night service, but it's weekends only. Thursdays until 2 am and Fri-Sat until 3:30 am. I believe certain menu items are only available during the late service... for example the filet mignon sandwich is a must-try.

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          Yep, Avanti's, esp in the cold weather as they do a great minestrone soup.


        2. Big D's Dogs is open until 3am on weekends
          I think Village Burger Bar is open until midnight on weekends.

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            Somehow this one slipped my mind the first time-- Metro Diner. Not that the food is good, but after a night at the bars, their biscuits on the grill top with gravy and pancakes are strangely satisfying.

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              Where is Big D's Dogs? Sounds good.


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                Greenville, South of Mockingbird, north of Monticello, right across the street from Snuffer's. They have some interesting combinations which may not all work but the dogs themselves and potato buns are quality. Or at least they seemed that way after a night of drinking at Stan's ;)

            2. Coal Vine's is open til 1:00 and it's always a good crowd. Mike

              1. Sushi Yama on Forest is open until 2 AM daily. T

                1. Betty's Best Around Chinese Food on Greenville Ave. across from Snuffers. Simply the best Chinese food in the neighborhood. They are open till' 3am. 214 826 2266

                  1. Mercy Wine Bar in Addison serves until 2 a.m. http://www.mercywinebar.com

                    And don't forget Moons over my hammy at Denny's..haaaaahaaaahaaa

                    1. Fireside Pies, til midnite, i believe?
                      Libertine on greenville - bar with great food - til midnite
                      McCarty's on 75 in richardson - bar with OK food - til 2 am
                      Shinsei, 10:30 weeknights, 11 wkends
                      Trece, 11 weeknights, 2 a.m. wkends (not sure how late the food runs)
                      Taverna, til midnite on weekends

                      1. Nandina on Greenville is open until 3.

                        I second Metro Diner and Buzzbrews for 24 hour breakfast.

                        1. The Loon is open til 2am. Little Katana is open until midnight on weekends. Cafe San Miguel till midnight. Social at the Hotel Lumen til midnight thurs-sat.

                          1. Not in your area but worth noting for others browsing late night spots, Lucky House (Chinese food) in Plano is open til 2:00am.

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                              Thanks for mentioning this. There's also a Cafe Brazil on Coit and George Bush now too. Anything else around the Richardson/Plano area?

                            2. Tokyo Steak and Sushi (or something like that) - Brand new place on Lowest Greenville. I haven't been, but a sushi-loving friend said it was great for what it is. Which is to say for a relatively inexpensive 24-hour sushi joint, it's pretty good. I'm actually headed there in a moment for a late lunch.

                              Nandina - Located at 5631 Alta Avenue (across from Taco Cabana on Lower Greenville), it serves passable sushi and good Thai Fusion.

                              Los Arcos - located on the eastside of Ross between downtown and Lower Greenville, it may have the best salsa verde in Dallas. Excellent food - try the lengua en salsa chipotle and what is more enjoyable that a mariachi at 330 am?

                              Big D's Dogs - located at 3611 Greenville, they have some really good dogs. Try the Greenville Avenue dog or the Thai Chile Lime Dog. Both are worth return visits.

                              Taqueria Lupita - Open till 4 am on the weekends, this Henderson Avenue taco joint is awesome. Don't expect Taco Bell tacos. Tacos al Pastor, carne asada and the lengua tacos are awesome and incredibly cheap. Some people may feel uncomfortable at this place at 3 am.

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                                Do you have specific location info on that 24 hour sushi place?

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                                  I think this is the place. DMN just posted a note on its food blog about it, and here's the DMN's description of it:

                                  K Tokyo
                                  2217 Greenville Ave
                                  Dallas, TX 75206
                                  Phone: 214-824-3255
                                  Late-night noshers with a hankering for sushi can indulge their after-hours cravings at K Tokyo on Lower Greenville. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, serving an extensive menu of sushi and sashimi, as well as teriyaki entrees, Korean barbecue and tempura dishes. Free delivery is offered with a $30 minimum within a 2-mile radius

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                                    Could you post a link to the DMN food blog please? Thanks!

                              2. I don't have a specific address, but it's hard to miss. It's directly across the street from Whole Foods on Lower Greenville. I ate there yesterday and it was OK. Surprisingly, it was reasonably busy from 330 pm to 5 pm, which is usually quite an off-hour.

                                The fish was fresh. The exceedingly thick strips of salmon were actually quite fresh. The baby yellowtail was excellent, with huge strips of fish. I was very disappointed with the uni - it was frozen in the middle. I carved away the non-frozen outer portions and it was creamy, with that distinctive uni . . . what would you call it, nuttiness? The spicy salmon roll was only OK. The miso was only OK.
                                Don't expect anything fancy. The inside is very basic, with no frills. I thought the sushi was OK. I won't be going there Friday at 730 pm, but I may head there Saturday at 230 am.

                                1. I went to Tokyo Steak and Sushi again last nite and came away quite impressed. Huge strips of fish on the sushi. Got the uni again - perfect. This time, the miso was FULL of fresh, crunchy chives - yum!

                                  Best of all - free SAKE! I don't know if they thought I was extra special handsome or if they're waiting for their liquor license, but wow. I had a great meal last nite and will be going back.

                                  1. Jimmy John's gourmet sandwiches (www.jimmyjohns.com) across from SMU on Hillcrest is open till 3am every night, its next to the new chik fila kind of but within that same strip near the 7-11. The plain slims are especially good, and only 3.50 though for a dollar more you get an 8 inch but its still a deal for a late night snack.

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                                      BUZZBREW, as previously mentioned in this thread - east side of Central at Fitzhugh or on the west side of Lemmon near Wycliffe - 24 hours
                                      TACO LOCO - SW corner of Grand and Samuell - until 4a, I think
                                      FUEL CITY TAQUERIA - Industrial between I-30 and I-35 - 24 hours
                                      ZINSKY'S DELI - NE quadrant of Preston-Royal - until midnight, Friday and Saturday only

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                                        Oops, re: BUZZBREW, Lemmon is an NW-SE street. I meant to write "on the north side of Lemmon near Wycliff." (Between Wycliff and Herschel.) ... If you're on the veggie side of life, try the Californication omelette, with the vegan sausage as a side. ... Hard breakfast to beat.

                                    2. I think Afrah is open super late.

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                                        I don't think that is the case. My wife, a friend and I went by at 10pm and they were closing up shop on a Friday. Perhaps it has changed in the almost two months since but I would say it is unlikely.

                                      2. Best late night pizza delivery (3am on wknds) Rocco's on McKinney. The margherita will make you wanna slap yo momma!

                                        1. I didn't see these two places posted here:
                                          for korean food - San Jang Garden. I think it is open 24 hours most days. (Royal and Harry Hines)
                                          and Bisto B for vietnemese and chinese food. It stays open past 1am I think everyday. (at approximately 75 and 635)

                                          1. OPEN 24 HOURS!!! This place is SO GOOD any time of day. Definitely a genuine dive, in business for 20 years with excellent "experienced" waitresses. Their salsa is fresh and sooooo good. IT IS A GREASY SPOON, SO IF YOU ARE PRISSY YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY.

                                            J's Breakfast & Burgers
                                            14925 Midway Road
                                            Addison, TX 75001

                                            I also love Buzzbrews. It is almost identical to Cafe Brazil as far as the way it is set up, BUT the food is 1000 times better. Sorry Cafe Brazil! Get an order of the honey wheat toast - I think that's what it was called - GREAT. I had the French Connection crepes and I finished all of it - I usually don't finish ANY plate of food. I did not like the griddle toast though - their version of french toast. I like french toast.

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                                              Ah but the spinach crepes with the spicy cream sauce at Cafe Brazil, coupled with that crazy glow-in-the-dark green habanero sauce from the Yucatan in the bottle, cannot be beat. And Cafe Brazil's French toast is an excellent example of what is right with the world.

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                                                I ALWAYS order build your own crepes with spinach at Cafe Brazil (for the last 10 years), but I usually get it with chicken which is always really dry and flavorless. Not sure why I keep adding chicken, I won't next time. Maybe it's the location - Deep Ellum, Central and Oak Cliff. That being said, all of the food that I tasted at Buzzbrews on my single visit was very good except for the wack french toast/not french toast. The crepes were super tender and delicate, a lot better than CB's in my opinion.