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Jan 17, 2007 04:01 AM

Toshi Sushi

We just came from our neighborhood sushi joint, Toshi (the Silverlake one, Toshi owns another place in Sherman Oaks which we haven't been to.)

The details:

The chef, Mateo, has a great eye for fresh fish and amazing combinations. You could just order sashimi and be happy with that. Avoid the appetizers; not because they aren't great but because they aren't the point. But if you insist, order the nuta (tuna chopped with a spice dressing.) Screw the edamame and the miso soup, you are just filling up your stomach with things other than sushi.

Order sashimi, any of the sweetly (if cheesily) named rolls. Ask for an oyster or uni shooter, they are outrageously good, spicy, not fishy, with a small egg on top and a fish egg infused sauce. They aren't on the menu.

We've been going since Toshi was head chef there and we've seen the place thru a grumpy (and permanantly stoned) replacement who was fine but he wasn't a true sushi chef. Mateo (and Miguel, the server and sous chef and all around guy to get you stuff) are welcome replacements.

The rolls we like especially are the Silverlake, the Mateo, the Miguel Angel and the Sexy Pink.

We have yet to find a better place for sushi; the places in little Tokyo are fine, but the fish isn't as fresh. I've suffered thru a couple of perfectly adequate though highly overpriced meals at Nobu.

Wine is byob. Gelsons and Trader's are right there. Parking in back.

Toshi Sushi, Silverlake
2804 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
323 666-1019

Toshi Sushi, Sherman Oaks
818-986-4461, 15489 Ventura Blvd.

So how is the Sherman Oaks one? Is Toshi still working there? We miss him!

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  1. As discussed in another sushi thread, this is one of those places you've seen around in the neighborhood, but have never tried yourself, know anyone who has tried, or even seen it discussed here on these boards.

    I've wondered about this place for years, but didn't want to be a guinea pig. It sounds as if it might be worthy of a try, just based on how good the SL location is.

    But, a postive review on the SO location would also be helpful.


    1. I've been, years ago. Tsohi has quite a resume, and his sushi is pretty good. Not mind blowing, but good. Or it was, YEARS ago when I last went.

      High Prices, though.

      1. I'm surprised that the Sherman Oaks location is expensive. Last night we had mixed sashimi, four rolls and oyster shooters and the bill was just under $70.