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May 4, 2005 04:34 AM

frozen yogurt in san mateo?

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does anyone know any frozen yogurt places in san mateo area? I was told there are two locations which serve very good frozen yogurt, if not, do you know of any? thanks,

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  1. Yumi Yogurt --on El Camino right on the border of San Mateo and Belmont. They usually have four yogurt flavors and then a bunch of "flavor burst" flavors which are basically vanilla yogurt with a syrup infusion (I say stick w/ the yogurt).

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      Agree with this recommendation on all counts.

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        thanks for the feedback, I have been to YUMI yogurt in Belmont, they also have a store in Millbrae. I was told there are two others in san mateo? still seaching...let me know if you come across any...thanks,

    2. Yumi Yogurt's pretty good, if the line of customers out the door on any given weekend is any indication. Try the Lappert's Hawaiian ice cream.