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Jan 17, 2007 02:45 AM

Great Italian Food w/ Good (up-lifting) Ambiance

A restaurant for Friday night. Without the annoying hype or crowds (if possible)

Thank you.

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  1. Price range? What constitutes "annoying hype" for you?

    1. And any restrictions based on neighborhood?

      Not knowing more details, my recs would be Crispo if your price range is on the slightly higher end (but not through the roof) or Valdino West if your budget is lower.

      1. Thank you. I have a mid range budget. I've wanted to try Crispo for a while. I'm not familiar with VW. Where is that?

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          Valdino West is on Hudson and Bank. It's a small, neighborhood-y type place (the kind you wish you had if you don't already). The food is simple and well executed and the space is cozy.

          1. I don't know how it is these days, but I used to be a regular at Minetta Tavern on McDougal at Minetta Lane in the Village. I understand it appears to still review well, and I've seen some positive posts from Chows about it. I fell in love with their Veal Marsalla as well as their hearty Minestrone. The place is full of history, was a favorite of NY literati, and has a wonderful mural of the Village in their quaint dining room, which I have spotted in a number of movies. The last time I was in the Village about a year ago, I was surprised to find the place practically empty on a weekend night.

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            1. re: BellaCalabrese

              They actually now draw well on Friday and Saturday nights. If you hit it early though (7:00PM) you'll probably have no trouble getting a table.