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Jan 17, 2007 02:43 AM

Lunching My Way Around College & University

Hello, I've moved offices to College and University; my new building has some abysmal food court selections. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend decent (inexpensive) lunches in the vicinity? I'm somewhat familiar with the options on Baldwin and McCaul, but don't really know the rest of the area.

Thanks muchly.

- Lea

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  1. Whats your limits? boundaries? how far will you walk? whats your price limit?


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    1. re: HarryLloyd

      Price-wise, about $10. The less, the better, but I like having a range of options.

      As for walking, about 10-15 minutes is my max most days, weather/time permitting.

      - Lea

    2. Avenue Cafe and Bistro is close, 480 University and has pretty good food. Sandwiches, with yummy combinations and which can be grilled, are served on Ace Bakery bread and croissants. They come with a small side salad for about $7 or $8. They also serve pizzas, quesadillas and salads. Good selection of drinks, and some desserts. Cafeteria style, but they deliver your order to your table when it is ready. It gets very busy right at noon, but if you can go a bit earlier or later, it is usually ok.
      Also, may sound crazy, but there are some decent sandwiches at some of the hospital cafeterias (Sick Kids, Mount Sinai come to mind). Good option for take out in the summer

      1. Hi,

        I used to work right there as well. In the summers Saigon Palace was my fave place to go. Any of the Pho dishes are good, excellent springrolls and the egg custard served with the rice dishes is tasty.

        Also, again better in the summer as it is definitely a 15 min walk at a quick pace, Jumbo Empanada in Kensington Market.

        As for something closer try Saffron Tree at Elizabeth and Gerrard. I believe they have a lunch buffet, I've only tried their dinner menu which was decent.


        1. There's a much better food court, if that's your thing, in the MaRS building (south side of College, east of University). A bunch of different cuisines (none of it stellar, but some passable) plus a couple of chains - Tim Horton's and Subway.

          I recommend the Italian place, which always seems to have a crowd, or the bagel/deli joint. I've also tried the falafel place, and found it not too bad at all.

          1. I haven't been there in awhile, but I've had some great sandwiches (they have a really wonderful variety of sandwich fillings), soups, and salads at Sage Cafe, on McCaul just south of Baldwin.

            They also have daily hot specials. It's a small place, not much seating, and the food is fresh and homemade.