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Jan 17, 2007 02:43 AM

Pea Shoots

Bought some pea shoots today. I've never even seen them before. Let alone use the. They sort of look like lawn clippings. Do I use them on a sandwich? In a salad? Anyone have any ideas.

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  1. Love pea shoots. Treat them like spinach (they shrink like spinach, too). I like to saute the shoots in olive oil and garlic.

    1. I love pea shoots as well. I've only had them sauted in oil and garlic, as well. They are difficult to prepare at home, apparantly. My grandma tells me that you should really only eat the middle leaves of the whole stem (very wasteful!). The rest of it is pretty "fiberous". If you purchase a plastic bag full of it and prep it the way my grandma and mom does (breaking off and eating only the middle), you're really just left with less than half a bag of what's considered edible. I would agree and imagine that you could treat them like spinach!

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        When I've had them in asian restaurants, I've never seen them prepared this way. It was pretty much the whole shoot, stir-fried usually with a little oil, garlic and salt. I've made them the same way at home without much difficulty.

        1. re: zebcook

          Most good chinese restaurants actually prepare pea shoots with A LOT of oil plus garlic and salt. That's how they get the taste and texture so nice.

          1. re: Humbucker

            Toss a chunk of fermented tofu into that to make it even better.

          2. re: zebcook

            Sam here, I love them under a seared tuna steak with a little soy, orange, and ginger glaze. I also just saute with garlic, s/p in oil. Very simple, they are great.

        2. Yet a third on the saute method, with oil and garlic.

          We like to have pea shoots alongside a fairly acidic dressed mound of soba noodles, an nice offset to the sweetness of the pea shoots.

          As far as prep goes, I usually just coarse chop (very coarse - sometimes I just tear the stems; however, if the stems are more mature, I will strip off the leaves for saute and use the stems for something else (the stock pot).

          Sauteed pea shoots are also a lovely side for hot garlicky shrimp. In this case, cut the garlic for the shoots, and pump it up on the shrimp. The non-sweet "sweetness" of the two together is wonderful.

          1. Try the pea shoots along with some tiny new peas in a simple salad with a very light vinaigrette dressing.

            1. ooh, i love pea shoots; i toss them with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Maybe if had some fresh mint, i'd add some as well.