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Jan 17, 2007 02:10 AM

Quietish Irish Pub with traditional music in Woodside/Sunnyside?

My mom is visiting with her friend this coming weekend (they are in their 60s.) They would love to go to an Irish pub that has good fries, Guinness on tap and if we could find someplace with traditional music, that would be great. In other words, they aren't necessarily looking for a Karoke scene, etc. More of a family place, probably. I am new to the 'hood and would like not to send them to the wrong place. Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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  1. Haven't checked their jukebox in a while but you can call and ask them about the Irish tunes.
    P.J.Horgan's on QB between 42-43 streets.

    1. I'm not up on the current scene but I believe that if such a place exists it will be either on Queens Boulevard between 40 and 48 Streets or on (or within a few minutes' walk of) Roosevelt Ave between 57 and 61 Street. There are a lot of Irish bars there! The patrons mostly have recently come from Ireland.

      1. Thanks. I do know that there are a ton of Irish bars around here. Thanks for the Horgan's suggestion.

        1. i believe maggie mae's on qb btwn 41 and 42 has a session on sundays. they do not serve food though.
          also check out the courtyard across the blvd for music and mickey john's on skillman...
          actually, none serve food.

          1. Most of the Irish bars in the neighborhood don't serve food with the exception of PJ Horgan's on QB, Cooper Kettle on Skillman and Bliss 46th Street Station on Greenpoint avenue.

            Saturday night, Gaslight on QB has live Irish band. I was just there this pass Sat and it was quite nice...