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Jan 17, 2007 02:01 AM


Need to bring a client to a good restaurant in South Beach FL area. Mid to expensive OK.


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  1. There's no French bistro style on South Beach that I could recommend. Have heard good things about David Bouley's Evolution in the Ritz Carlton but it's higher end than bistro style. There's L'Entrecote de Paris around 4th & Washington but it's underwhelming.

    If you're not fixated on French Bistro, there's a number of good restaurants in South Beach (search this board and you'll find many recommendations). If the concern is that the place not be too party-ish/loung-ish for bringing a client, consider Talula (23rd & Collins) or Mark's South Beach (11th & Collins) which have a more serious vibe and you can hear yourself talk (and excellent food).

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      Thanks Frodnesor. I'll go your way.

      Alain G.

    2. French bistro is out in sobe A la Folie does not fit your requirements. Nemo and Prime 112 are other choices. Prime has excellent onion soup btw, but has a NY steakhouse vibe and is usually pretty loud. If you want quiet and good, the Fronesor's suggestions are a winner and so is possibly Nemo.

      Joes stone crabs can also be a choice, but that is also loud. If you can drive a bit, the Forge might also be a good choice on 41st st.

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        Thanks for your recommendations. Nemo could be good.