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Jan 17, 2007 01:32 AM

Downtown Tampa?

Having searched the Yvor reviews, perhaps I should dine near my hotel: the Hyatt downtown. Any suggestions?

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  1. Some great spots downtown are Spain on Tampa Street; there is an excellent Thai place on Franklin Ave next to Tampa Theater; Fly Bar and Grill also on Franklin Ave, excellent small plates, great atmosphere; Jackson's Bistro on Harbour Island-excellent Sushi. Hattricks is a lively sports place with great sandwhichs. Eddie and Sams has some of the best Pizza in Tampa.
    In Ybor-check Acropolis for Greek, Bellini's for Italian, Samarai Blue for Sushi.
    In Channelside- check Grille 29, great steaks and chops, nice view; Stumps Supper Club for BBQ and Southern style.

    1. Some suggestions.

      Mis en Place - Just out of downtown on Kennedy. One of the top restuarants in the Tampa Bay area. A short cab ride.
      Ceviche Tapas and Restuarant - Also just out of downtown on Bayshore. A short cab ride.
      Spain Restuarant and Tapas

      1. Highly recommend at "Spain" restaurant.
        Especially, weekend has live flamenco music & dance.
        3 blocks from Hyatt hotel

        1. I've always liked the crunchy grouper sandwich at Newk's down by Channelside

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            Newks accross from the ice palace is closed :(

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              It closed during the hockey strike, briefly, but reopened... it was a necessary planned hiatus

          2. Mise en place for nice food' and Bern's for steak