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Jan 17, 2007 01:23 AM

Pre-Mixed Cocktails? ? ?

Is there a reason not mix up a batch of your favorite cocktail just to have on hand. A bottle of ready to drink Martini, or Manhattan, or negroni? Is the taste not as "fresh" as when it's just made?

And in case you're wondering--- Yes, I AM that lazy


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  1. Heublein long sold a series of mixed cocktails in 750ml bottles, and re-named then "CLUB" for little 6-ounce cans you could keep in the 'frige.

    If you really are that lazy, and you said you were, they might work for you . . . BUT -- they are indeed stale, flat and dull. They NEVER taste like what you would make yourself, or get in even a dive bar (let alone a good one).

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    1. re: zin1953

      Actually, just to be clear, I wasn't talking about buying the drinks pre-mixed... I was just wondering about mixing up my own batch just the way I like it. Does it lose some of it's freshness?

      1. re: Uncle Ira

        No, you were perfectly clear; it was I who was not. Whether it's Heublein's pre-made cocktails, or your own -- they are/will be boring, stale, flat.

    2. I'd say for a pure-booze drink like a Negroni, there would be little harm in mixing it up ahead of time, though you'd want to store it in a closed container, just like unmixed booze. You'd save a few seconds when it's time to chill a glass, cut a garnish, shake the stuff over ice, and strain. What you obviously would not want to premix is anything perishable: unfortified wine, juice, carbonated mixers, dairy products, etc.

      Pre-mixed bottled cocktails like that Heublein stuff are hideous.

      1. this is not exactly the same thing - but i like to make a big pitcher of some cocktail before guests arrive for a party. the last one i made was a pitcher of hurricanes - so i filled our biggest pitcher with the cocktails and that lasted through about 1.5 - 2 sets of initial cocktails when people arrived. i love it b/c people have a nice cocktail - but i don't have to do anything and can chat right away. i served this over ice.

        before that - it was pomogranite (sp?) martinis. leave the martini glasses chilling with water/ice so you can just dump out and have a chilled glass.

        1. I usually make cocktails by the batch for parties. Keep it in the fridge, and add about 50 percent of your recipe's volume in water; this will nicely simulate the melted ice that plays a big role in most cocktails. I'm not sure I'd mix them more than a few days in advance, but I was pleasantly surprised that a juice blend I made kept in the fridge for about a month.

          1. I make my cocktails by the batch too, but never more than 1 day in advance. On occasion, I've mixed drink ingredients for drinks such as a Lemon Drop (omitting the alcohol), frozen them, then thawed before the guests arrived and added the vodka, rum, or whatever.