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Jan 17, 2007 01:15 AM

Awesome, Authentic Mexican Drive-Thru on Captial Blvd -Raleigh

Yesterday afternoon while I was crusing around enjoying the last of the hot weather, I came across a new Mexican Drive-Thru on Capital, in the same shopping center as Babies R' Us, close to the hot tub store.

I didn't really take the time to peruse the entire menu while ordering, so I ordered three taquitos, not the most adventurous thing, but they were good & covered wth cheese & guacamole.

I asked the gentleman at the window how long they'd been open at that location he told me "40 days" I believe he was the owner, regardless he was very friendly, and let me have one of each kind of salsa (none were that hot imho) & a take-out menu.

As I gobbled down my food in the parking lot, I read said menu-they have everything from Tortas to whole fried tilapia all the sweetbreads you'd could ever want, breakfast all-day, plus various combo plates everything is inexpensive. I plan on going back soon-the chile rellenos burrito is calling my name, actually several things-I think I might pig out.

I apologize for not writing their name down, as the menu is in my car, and it is no longer 75 degrees out! They also have a location on Wake Forest Rd.

I must note that it is food experiences like this that make me love, not bemoan the growth in R-town.

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  1. RaleighRocker, if you can get the name posted, I'd be THRILLED!! I've been looking for this sort of place since I moved here 18 months ago. I'm used to the 24-hour Mexican drive thru from college (ah, D'leons in Lincoln NE, how I miss ye!), and have been looking for that little drive thru where only the person working the window speaks english (and generally not well at that!).

    1. I believe this is the newer branch of Los Cuates, which is probably my favorite Mexican joint in Raleigh.

      1. Confirm Los Cuates.

        I can confirm they speak English. They don't American-ize or dumb down their food. To me this place is a great blend of convenience and good eating. Heck they even take credit cards.

        It's hard to beat locally owned fast food.

        1. It seems that they have recently started adding tarter sauce to their fish tacos, but tell them to hold it and give you an extra tortilla and for less than $5 you get the taco, chips, dip and a drink. I'm sure the other things they sell are good, but thus far all I've tried is the fish taco.

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            Last week, I had 3 tacos of varous meats. I didn't specify and they gave me large. The large ones were a nice portion. They fell apart when I ate them. Next time, I'd order the smaller ones and I'd expect they'd come with two tortillas.

          2. bingo! yes, Los Cuates. And as mentioned, well at least during my one encounter the staff spoke english-which is a blessing for me as I get intimidated as I don't speak Spanish, but apparently I look like I do (that is a whole other forum.)

            Also as mentioned I'm all for supporting local businesses.

            I have to go down C blvd this weekend, so I am definitely going to make another pit stop & will report back.