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Jan 17, 2007 12:51 AM

Buffalo wings in DC area

My husband and I just moved to the DC area and we haven't found great buffalo wings yet. His birthday is coming up and I wanted to find great wings for him. The sauce is less important (because he can always add tobasco sauce for the extra kick), more important that they are crispy on the outside,yet not dry inside. Any true blue buffalo wing fans have any advice?

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  1. Hard Times Cafe. Multiple locations. Ask for exactly what you want - grilled and/or crispy on the outside. Even if they mess it up, the wings are meaty and excellent so you'll still get some enjoyment. And decent chili is a nice fallback.

    Many places don't care about their wings. Hard Times definitely does.

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      I also love the wings at Hard Times. I have converted die hard fried wing fans when I ordered these instead. They are grilled crispy and the sauce is quite tasty. I am a huge fried food lover (sadly) but far prefer these.

    2. For one thing, you should go ahead and get the wood fired wings at Johnny's on the Half Shell (Cap Hill).

      Next, get to Bungalow Billiards (not on a Tuesday) and get the wings with 3 Mile Island sauce.

      Third, in old town Herndon is Jimmy's. Jimmy will most likely be there. Jimmy is from Buffalo and is proud of it - you'll know this quickly. Jimmy has on his menu wings, perogies, beef on weck (to die for), and more. The Friday fish fries are to be noted.

      In Nova at least there is Buffalo Wing Factory. Certainly passable, but by the quality of the sauce and wings themselves, it deserves to come in fourth on the list.

      1. if you're north of dc in the burbs, hit up kay's diner in Gaithershurg, MD. they use the jumbo wings, and give you the whole wing, as opposed to seperating them (ie: a 5pc wing order is the equivalent to a 10 pc.) no buffalo sauce that i know of (they serve em naked) but they make a spicy homemade "mambo sauce" that goes really well with them. most importantly, they are what you require- crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. a 5 pc wings with fries will run you about $6

        1. I love the wings at the Wingmasters in the Union Station food court. Their sauce is especially and garlicky. Not authentic Buffalo Wings as I know it, but very good.

          1. mmm Asylum in Adams Morgan wings.... so good.