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Bay Area Hound seeks advice

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I will be staying in Studio City for a few days, going to the Getty, L.A. county musuem, and visiting family near U.C.L.A.

My L.A. geography is poor, so I'd like some suggestions in these areas. Not too concerend about price, but not in the habit of trying to break the bank just to impress the neighbors.

There are very few foods I do not like, but Greek is a fave and there are zero good deli's in S.F.

Thanks in advance

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  1. While there is a lot of back and forth about it, Art's Deli is very conviently located to your location in Studio City and is fine. Soups are quite good, especially their everything soup.


    Since you are going to be at the Getty Center they have a very good and well regarded restaurant with an outstanding view.

    I don't like Greek food so I really don't feel competent to recommend one to you, but I am sure someone else will chime in with one. I know there are some in the Studio City area.

    Another Deli we like and go to often is Junior's, which is close to UCLA. Just south on Westwood Blvd., basically at the corner of Westwood and Pico Blvd.

    1. The area near Westwood is well known for its ramen. Check our Ramenya or trek over to Santouka inside the Mitsuwa market.

      1. The trip to County Museum will put you a short drive (down Fairfax or LaBrea to Pico, east on Pico to Normandie, northeat corner) from Papa Christo's/C&K Importing, the locals' favored Greek restaurant. Definitely NOT a luxury place, or a luxury location, but great food.

        If you feel like venturing into another dicey neighborhood, but a trip which you can do on our lovely subway system, there are those who argue that Langer's Deli has the best pastrami sandwich west of New York.

        r gould-saltman

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          Also not so far from the county museum is Sofi (on 3rd St near Crescent Heights) - a bit higher end Greek place. I think they are only open for dinner.

          You will also be near Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax, which has many places to eat including a good greek place. (A walk or the local 25 cent Dash bus will get you there).

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            My two cents: I've never had a good meal at Sofi or the Greek place at Farmer's Market. Papa Cristo's is excellent, and casual. In Sherman Oaks (just west of Studio City) is the Great Greek (on Ventura Blvd. near Fulton) which imho is better than either Sofi's or the FM Greek place.

        2. try the Great Greek, good food and fun atmosphere www.greatgreek.com. For good sandwiches try the Artisan Cheese Gallery on Ventura & Laurel Canyon in Studio City. I also like LaLa's on Ventura and the Outtake Bistro, www.outtakebistro.com and www.lalasgrill.com.

          1. zero good delis in the bay??? i actually think the opposite... i havent found anything down here close to my favorite up there...

            some recs for you

            i like doughboys in west LA, portions are large, prices are low, just good comfort food... joans on 3rd and toast are on the same street which i think are pretty good too

            carlitos gardel for argentine food, prices are a bit steep, but i think well worth it, have to get the garlic fries and i absolutely love the steaks there... its a great ambiance, they do have decent price lunch specials, but i would definitely splurge on the steaks here

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              As far as the deli report, if you can't beat what's up here its a sad state of affairs. Thank goodness our daughter lives in N.Y.

              Thanks for all the help

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                Little Lucca's and Darby Dan's in South City, Roxie's in the city... My first ever deli sandwich was from Little Lucca's and I try to get it everytime I go back to the Bay Area. Nothing has met its match and no sandwich satisifes me in LA/OC because there is no dutch crunch or the dutch crunch has no crunch!

            2. bay cities deli in santa monica for good sandwiches.

              1. Zero deli in S.F! Have you tried Sorrento's on Mission. Now when you say Deli, do you mean Jewish Deli or Italian Deli? There is a dffernce. For great Italian meats try Sorrento. With respect to L.A and Greek, would highly recommend Ulysses in the Farmers Market. You have atmosphere and very good Greek food.

                1. Near Studio city...
                  if you like Greek, try Carnival on Woodman inSherman Oaks, about 1 1/2 miles from Studio Cty. It's armenian/lebanese but similar and very tasty.

                  Near Westwood, there are a fwe greek places on Westwood just south of wilshire, but if you're in that area, why not try one of the persian Places? I like Shahrzad on Westwood. Try an albaloo or estamboli polo (rice dish with kebab, sour cherryies or green beans), a fesenjan (chicken with a pomegranate/walnut sauce), the Kashk-e bademjan ("yogurt cheese" with tandur-grilled eggplant, the persian open oven is similar to an Indian oven) - enjoy the home baked tandur bread.
                  At the getty, reserve a table in advance at the getty restaurant. If you don't have the time, the cafeteria under the restaurant is fine and take the tray outside for a beautiful view of the hillside and mount st. mary's. (btw, if you're going to the icon show [icons from sinai] be sure to get a special timed ticket as soon as you arrive so you won't be shocked by the wait if you decide to go later).
                  1422 WESTWOOD BLVD
                  LOS ANGELES

                  DELPHI GREEK CUISINE
                  1383 WESTWOOD BLVD
                  LOS ANGELES

                  CARNIVAL RESTAURANT
                  4356 WOODMAN AVE
                  SHERMAN OAKS

                  last note - if you like pastrami, and you're at LACMA, take an excursion to Langer's. (if you don't like pastrami, don't bother, that's the best thing there). Go EAST on Wilshire, go one block past Alvarado (you will have just driven through macarthur park, little lake on your ight), and turn right (I think the street is Westlake). At the n.e. corner of 7th and westlake is the parking lot for langer's, they validate. Park and walk a block west to langers. have some of the best pastrami the US has to offer.
                  LANGERS DELICATESSEN
                  704 S ALVARADO ST
                  LOS ANGELES

                  1. By far my favorite Greek restaurant is in the Larchmont area, Le Petit Greek (http://lepetitgreek.com/). Get yourself the Mezethes as an appetizer, and then follow-up with either the Pastitsio, Stifado, or Zorba. YUM.

                    And I have to agree w/ Jerome on Langer's...it's THE BEST deli I've ever been to here in L.A. It's really an institution (http://www.langersdeli.com/). It's in Downtown, in the Rampart area (a tad sketchy), but their Rueben is WORTH IT.

                    There's also Philippe's in Downtown (http://www.philippes.com/), home of the original French Dip sandwich. This place is great - you go more for the history and the atmosphere. I swear, some of those ladies behind the counter must have worked there for 30 years. It's a cash-only place, but there's an ATM in the building (I think).

                    Have fun!

                    1. Welcome to LA! Unlike Frisco, where parking sucks but public transit is respectable, parking sucks almost as bad here - at least the places you've listed above, and public transit is a joke. If you have your own wheels, or have a friend that does, then you're in good shape.

                      If you're going to the Getty and visiting family around UCLA, you are very close to the restaurants along San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood - too many to list and price ranges and types of food for everybody, but Vincenti and Tosca do come to mind.

                      Alot of Japanese restaurants along Sawtelle Blvd in West LA are close by as well - Orris is excellent and unique.

                      Also check out Westwood Blvd - alot of Persian restaurants, shops, and bakeries - Shaherazad probably has the best rep, but alot of folks from the middle east swear by Carnival in the valley.

                      Century City area - first place that comes to mind is Clementine for breakfast or lunch - it's a great bakery and restaurant.

                      I'm not well versed in greek food, but I can vouch for the above chowhounders that mentioned Papa Christo and The Great Greek. Papa Christo is like a big Greek market and deli that was pulled out of Greece and plopped down in the middle of LA, where the ethnicity of local neighborhood has put it's influence on some of the dishes, while The Great Greek is all restaurant with lots of food, drink, and singing. It's a great time but I know people who really like Greek food say it's so-so. Although my wife used to travel to Greece somewhat regularly on business and says it reminded her of alot of the places she ate at there. If you go there, I would reccommend going during peak periods, as the place becomes alive with the staff singing, dancing, and breaking plates - do they still do that? They also have multi-courst tasting menus that would stuff a horse. Most people say, "uncle," by the eighth course.

                      Since you have family here, I would trust their regular haunts, or the places they've been wanting to try, with Chowhound and Zagat as your backup.

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                        Good choices. Remember, OP, that the distances you're talking about are greater than those if someone is staying only in the city of SF, comparable to the east bay and san mateo counties - both of which are difficult to navigate quickly by public transport unless your goal is right by the BART and it's running etc.
                        Remember to post your final choices and a short review - after all, people here are curious.

                        1. re: Jerome

                          Sorry - and good advice on the review suggestions. However, as long-winded as I can get, I wanted to be brief as I can get, considering the mutitude of areas an choices that were involved.

                          And being a native Angeleno, I don't think in miles, but in time when it comes to distance. If it's within 15 to 20 minutes of travel time by car, then that's pretty close. So the time of day which one decides to travel can alter the meaning of close to me. Picking up pastries at Clementine's during weekday rush hour from Bundy and Wilshire is too far, while driving from Studio City through the pass for a late night hot dog at Pink's is close. Cheers!

                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            sure. But isn't everything just 20 minutes away?
                            (grew up in studio city)

                            1. re: Jerome

                              Again, time of day/nite is critical... used to have a GF in Studio City - timing was everything in going to/from her place from the Westside... I catch your drift though... thanks