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Jan 17, 2007 12:35 AM

Bay Area Hound seeks advice

I will be staying in Studio City for a few days, going to the Getty, L.A. county musuem, and visiting family near U.C.L.A.

My L.A. geography is poor, so I'd like some suggestions in these areas. Not too concerend about price, but not in the habit of trying to break the bank just to impress the neighbors.

There are very few foods I do not like, but Greek is a fave and there are zero good deli's in S.F.

Thanks in advance

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  1. While there is a lot of back and forth about it, Art's Deli is very conviently located to your location in Studio City and is fine. Soups are quite good, especially their everything soup.

    Since you are going to be at the Getty Center they have a very good and well regarded restaurant with an outstanding view.

    I don't like Greek food so I really don't feel competent to recommend one to you, but I am sure someone else will chime in with one. I know there are some in the Studio City area.

    Another Deli we like and go to often is Junior's, which is close to UCLA. Just south on Westwood Blvd., basically at the corner of Westwood and Pico Blvd.

    1. The area near Westwood is well known for its ramen. Check our Ramenya or trek over to Santouka inside the Mitsuwa market.

      1. The trip to County Museum will put you a short drive (down Fairfax or LaBrea to Pico, east on Pico to Normandie, northeat corner) from Papa Christo's/C&K Importing, the locals' favored Greek restaurant. Definitely NOT a luxury place, or a luxury location, but great food.

        If you feel like venturing into another dicey neighborhood, but a trip which you can do on our lovely subway system, there are those who argue that Langer's Deli has the best pastrami sandwich west of New York.

        r gould-saltman

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          Also not so far from the county museum is Sofi (on 3rd St near Crescent Heights) - a bit higher end Greek place. I think they are only open for dinner.

          You will also be near Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax, which has many places to eat including a good greek place. (A walk or the local 25 cent Dash bus will get you there).

          1. re: Food Good

            My two cents: I've never had a good meal at Sofi or the Greek place at Farmer's Market. Papa Cristo's is excellent, and casual. In Sherman Oaks (just west of Studio City) is the Great Greek (on Ventura Blvd. near Fulton) which imho is better than either Sofi's or the FM Greek place.

        2. try the Great Greek, good food and fun atmosphere For good sandwiches try the Artisan Cheese Gallery on Ventura & Laurel Canyon in Studio City. I also like LaLa's on Ventura and the Outtake Bistro, and

          1. zero good delis in the bay??? i actually think the opposite... i havent found anything down here close to my favorite up there...

            some recs for you

            i like doughboys in west LA, portions are large, prices are low, just good comfort food... joans on 3rd and toast are on the same street which i think are pretty good too

            carlitos gardel for argentine food, prices are a bit steep, but i think well worth it, have to get the garlic fries and i absolutely love the steaks there... its a great ambiance, they do have decent price lunch specials, but i would definitely splurge on the steaks here

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              As far as the deli report, if you can't beat what's up here its a sad state of affairs. Thank goodness our daughter lives in N.Y.

              Thanks for all the help

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                Little Lucca's and Darby Dan's in South City, Roxie's in the city... My first ever deli sandwich was from Little Lucca's and I try to get it everytime I go back to the Bay Area. Nothing has met its match and no sandwich satisifes me in LA/OC because there is no dutch crunch or the dutch crunch has no crunch!