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Jan 16, 2007 11:29 PM

Virginia Beach and Norfolk Restaurant Week this week and next!

So if you already didn't know this week is Virginia Beach Restaurant Week, $10 two course lunches and $20 three course dinners. Since I am not able to have a long lunch I will be trying Zinc Brasserie tommorrow for dinner and trying to decide which other restaurant to try and am thinking about Terrapin, Isla, Coyote Cafe, Eat or Soya Sushi. Any reccommendations on which one to try of these?

Then next week January 21 on is Downtown Norfolk Restaurant week and they are doing a $20 three course or $30 three course. I have unfortunately have not been able to get to many upscale downtown Norfolk Restaurants, but plan to go to at least one on restaurant week. I have heard good things about these and would like some knowledgable guidance if possible. Todd Jurich's, Bobbywood, Bryd and Baldwin Bros., Vintage Kitchen, Omar's Carriage House or 456 Fish?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Due to being really busy this year, I made reservations for only one in Norfolk, Bobbywood, I still haven't tried it and they have the most choices on their Restaurant week menu.

      Virginia Beach I was able to get to three that I had never tried; two lunches and one dinner. I was very disapointed with two of three. Casby's Sea Grill we went to for lunch I hadn't heard much about this place but everything we had there was suprisingly tasty. Smaller portions than some restaurants but quality was overall there. I would definitely venture back.

      We went to Soya for dinner and I don't plan to go back. It seems like a place that has a good location and may stay afloat for that reason, but of what we tried everything seems poor quality and freshness with inflated pricing. I think in the immediate beach area Osaka is much better.

      Lastly we went to Fire and Vine for lunch. Firstly I liked the antipasto bar, there was a lot of variety and they kept it stocked well. The rest of the food was subpar, very little flavor and bad presentation and seemed like those in the back were throwing it all together. Dessert was a cookie which was overcooked and hard as a rock. To my surprise the restaurant was very busy on the bad weather day. I assume it is because of the idea of the restaurant which is good, but they need to figure out new better tasting recipes for their menu items.

    2. Had a friend visiting from Dallas last night -- foodie, who is used to the best. Went to the old reliable, Todd's, and he was wowed. We both picked the same thing -- pumpkin & corn soup, "ropa vieja" tenderloin, and brioche bread pudding. It was just as good as Todd's has made you think it would be, and only $30. Friend says it was the equal to anything in Dallas, and he wasn't being patronizing.

      1. You made a good choice with Bobbywood. I've been to all of the restaurants you mentioned in Norfolk and Bobbywood is one of my favorites (at the moment). In fact, we're going tomorrow night. My next favorite would be Jurich's. Report back!

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          Bobbywood was great! Restaurant week was a good time to go to get a sampling of the actual menu. They only offered the Rest. Week Special and a wide variety of their menu items were offered. For first course I tried the BBQ Ribs while the spouse tried the calamari. Both good portions. The ribs were organic high quality very little fat, they had a clean taste to them and the sauce/spicing didn't overtake the meat flavor. The calamari was a tender and tasty with a different take than the usual. This part of the meal was my favorite. For the second course we got flounder and seafood étouffée. I had never tried a étouffée and it was very rich. I think I would have like it more if it were a shared appetizer since it was so very flavorful by the fifth bite I couldn't appreciate all of the flavors. Dessert was Crème Brulée(typical yet with kicked up vanilla flavor with bits of vanilla bean) and cheesecake. I enjoyed the meal and while I am sure worth it; with the $80 total bill during a on sale period it will likely stay in the special occasion category for me.