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Jan 16, 2007 11:27 PM

Looking for a good steakhouse in/around Scottsdale

My husband and his "golf buddies" are going to Scottsdale in May and are looking for a good mid/higher end steakhouse. They, on past visits, have gone to Mortons and liked it. So, something along those lines?
They are also interested in bar/lounge/nightclub suggestions. (They can't stop talking about Barcelona)

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  1. I would recommend Mastro's on Pima Rd., just north of Pinnacle Peak Rd. They have very good food and somewhat of a nightlife atmosphere, but not to the extent of Barcelona.

    1. I'll second Mastro's, it seems to be big with the golf set. The steak, seafood, cocktails, atmosphere, and service will not disappoint, I promise.

      1. Definitely Mastro's. The food is very good and the bar area is a happening place.

        1. The Grill at the TPC is another great suggestion. Have Cocktails on the patio over looking the TPC Scottsdale. Wonderful Dry Aged Beef, Truffles macaroni, Great Cocktails, hot popovers.....
          0ne of the best Steakhouses in town!

          1. Mastro's, without question; great steaks (the bone-in ribeye is excellent) and the bartenders pour a proper cocktail. Grill at TPC is excellent too, but so-so service.