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Jan 16, 2007 11:18 PM

Casual rest/bar joint at Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market?

Need some ideas. I'm not a big fan of eating anywhere at Quincy Market but I'm meeting a friend for eats/drinks and cigars at Churchill's so I need to come up with a decent casual place to eat and have a few beers. I know I know...touristy area but don't have much choice. Plaza III is not an option and I'm not sure going to Durgin Park is all the appealing to me.

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  1. How about McCormick and Schmitt? (I never spell the Schmitt part right - sorry). They have a great happy hour. I think the price is $1.99 for a full size cheeseburger w/ fries.

    Red Sky is across the street, but I've never been. Looks cozy though.

    1. I'd hike up the steps to the Kinsale, across from city hall. Nothing amazing, but I like it for casual fare.

      1. The Green Dragon on Marshall St is a not-terrible Irish-y pub with the usual pub-food suspects. I had some decent wings and fish and chips not too long ago when I was trapped in the Market.

        Durgin-Park is one tourist trap that I don't mind too much. The prime rib and Indian pudding are still fine. The upstairs dining room is a little more inviting than the dank downstairs bar.

        You're pretty close to Mother Anna's, a North End Italian-American red sauce joint on the near end of Hanover Street that locals favor. I had a passable lunch there the other day of veal cacciatore loaded with garlic. You might spend a little more for the much more interesting Italian at Taranta across the street, but it feels a little fancy. Antico Forno is one of my favorite cheap/casual North End places, just around the corner on Salem.

        Silvertone is a short walk away on Bromfield, one of my favorite bars-with-good-food: good cocktails and a real bargain of a wine list. Not much further away on the Hill is Grotto, another favorite creative Italian place.

        1. boston beer works is right there. decent food, very good beers.

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            I was going to say the same thing. Plenty of room usually a seat a t the bar. Just check to see if its a game night over at the Fleet to avoid the crowds.

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