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Recent visits to A16? what to order?

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We will be heading to A16 soon for our first visit. I've scanned old posts but I'm hoping someone has been there more recently or has been there enough times to know the real winners on the menu. Thanks!

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  1. Menu hasn't changed except seasonally. Burrata, tripe, pizza, anything with pork, seafood, or bitter greens.

    1. Order anything. It's a great restaurant. Passion is a good thing, and they had it last time I was there, and in spades.

      One of our best meal-experiences ever. Pure and true.

      Try a pizza, a salad, and a few apps.

      For two, that is. Add wine as needed..... : )

      1. I has very good short ribs there recently and a good thin crust pizza. They still have Meatball Mondays which are excellent - served either as an appetizer or as an entree.

        1. Loved the pasta with crab, burrata, and prosciutto sampler. Chocolate tart with sea salt and panna cota were also tasty. Looking forward to trying their pizzas. I went right before Xmas.

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            I am usually too full to order dessert, but last time I ordered the panna cotta and it was fantastic. I believe the flavors might change since I think it had figs back in August.

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              We usually order a cheese plate and seldom order sweet desserts, let alone two of them. Since the meal was for a special occasion we thought we would embrace gluttony! The panna cotta we tried came with pomegranate seeds and almonds, two of my bf's favorite things. I loved the very rich and dark budino tart.
              Full review on yelp,

              As a side note, I eat at Delfina on a semi-regular basis and loved A16, however, I think that I'm one of the only people that was a bit let down by Perbacco (bad service and food wasn't as good as Delfina or A16).

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              I second (third?) the chocolate tart! It's been a few months, but I still remember the fantastic combo of dark, creamy chocolate, fragrant olive oil, and crunchy sea salt. I'm not a big dessert person (and not a choc. fan), but I ate all of my half and, um, some of my husband's half too... it is very rich, not that that stopped me. And, as others have said, the pizza is fabulous--my favorite crust in the city.

            3. Our family of five was at A16 last December to celebrate our two adult sons birthdays (ages 28 and 23) and was first time for us at A16. Everything exceeded our expectations and A16 is one of my top five. I think it is better than Delfina, and prices are less! It was noisy, but we loved it and had everything: appetizer, pizza (great!), pasta, ordered the five entrees, dessert. We even found a parking space right in front of restaurant as a car was leaving around 6PM!!! Enjoy.

              1. It is a shame they don't serve brunch anymore - their brunch was excellent.

                1. Get the burrata, which is divine.

                  1. I must be in the minority but the last meal I had at A16 was very hit or miss. The proschutto was devine, and so was my dining partner's pasta. But my Margherita pizza was terrible! In retrospect, I should have sent it back, but it was my first time having pizza there and I didn't know what to expect. The olive oil was dripping off the pizza. There was so much olive oil that it had soaked through the pizza and made the crust completely soggy. And I LOVE thin crust authentic Margherita pizzas, so I was heartbroken. Especially with all the raves the pizzas get. I'm going to give the place another chance, but I can't tell you how disappointed I was.

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                      You should have sent it back, that's definitely not their usual style. Somebody made a mistake and didn't catch it.

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                        Agreed. It was my own damn fault with that one. Totally unacceptable.

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                        I've also had soggy pizza Margherita at A16. Doesn't happen often, but it happens.

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                          Our one trip to A16 was impeccable. I guess any restaurant that busy will slip occasionally.

                          My advice is be a proactive yet polite customer. If it ain't right, send it back, especially at a restaurant of that caliber. Accept nothing less than their best, while of course comporting oneself gracefully. They are there to please, after all.

                          Just my two cents.

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                            I'm glad you enjoyed your meal at A16- it's a great restaurant that I frequent often. Unfortunately, because I eat there for lunch, I don't time to wait for the kitchen refire my order. Fortunately, they seldom have to.

                      3. one possible perfect meal

                        marg pizza with proscuitto or without
                        meatballs (only mondays, i think)
                        chocolate budino cake


                        salsiccia (sp) pizza is very good but pretty intense.

                        1. this is a bit long and scattered, but sorry, i am a first-time poster, and have a lot to say!

                          i've been to a16 twice--the first time was slightly underwhelming, back in october, but that may have been in part my dining companions, who were not exactly food lovers and devoured their own dishes and the shared appetizers so quickly that i don't really know what happened. i at least had a chance to grab a piece of absolutely phenomenal burratta cheese, but as i was savoring it, the remainder of it was inhaled by my three large, hungry male friends. the rest of the meal was a blur--i think i had a pizza, but the other guys helped themselves to that too, so i think it was good, but...

                          more exciting was my second meal there, which was a few months ago now, but i think still relevant, as a lot of the dishes are likely still on the menu. i was thankfully with a similarly food-minded friend, and the two of us walked in on a busy tuesday night and sat at the bar--which was fantastic. we struck up conversation with the bartender, in whose hands we decided to leave our entire meal (food and wine). he poured many different wines for us to try after we told him of our preference for earthy, leathery, un-fruity wines--he poured 3 different southern (of course) italian wines (sorry, i can't now remember all of their names), told us what order to try them in and described each one for us after we had tasted each (one had the taste of volcanic ash!). i think i was tipsy after trying all of these (generous) tastes. so, anyway, once we had selected our wines, we moved on to food...

                          again, it's been a while now, but what i recall--the tripe appetizer is excellent. braised for several several hours, still retains just the right amount of chewiness, abundant tomato sauce, but not so much as to drown out the earthiness of the tripe. the second appetizer was some kale or spinach thing which did not impress me so much--which is why i can't really remember it. then, we had a PHENOMENAL pizza with lardo. pig back fat. yum. it was so so delicious. i am a lover of the neapolitan type crust a la a16 (you either love it or hate it)--and this was excellent, unctuous, delicious. we finished with the rhubarb crostata for dessert--surprisingly very very good, as i usually don't like fruit crisp type desserts, but the rhubarb was perfectly sweet and tart at the same time, didn't make me pucker my lips, but didn't make me grab for my water glass because of cloying sweetness. and the crostata itself was perfectly baked, just a hint of butteriness. good proportion of fruit to crust too!

                          this was a (relatively) light dinner because it was tuesday night, but i really loved it, and am planning on going back soon to hit the entrees more fully, and of course to have more burratta! and back fat!

                          to summarize, if i were you, i would get the burratta, the tripe, a pizza, and probably some meat or fish that some other trusted chowhounder recommends! :)

                          1. To answer my own question... after we've now been there 3 times, this is what we do (for 2):

                            1 pizza
                            1 salad or side
                            1 dessert

                            I found the pastas and mains kind of lackluster and expensive, and really, to be honest, I'm there for the burrata and prosciutto.
                            4 different glasses of wine