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Jan 16, 2007 10:47 PM

Recent visits to A16? what to order?

We will be heading to A16 soon for our first visit. I've scanned old posts but I'm hoping someone has been there more recently or has been there enough times to know the real winners on the menu. Thanks!

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  1. Menu hasn't changed except seasonally. Burrata, tripe, pizza, anything with pork, seafood, or bitter greens.

    1. Order anything. It's a great restaurant. Passion is a good thing, and they had it last time I was there, and in spades.

      One of our best meal-experiences ever. Pure and true.

      Try a pizza, a salad, and a few apps.

      For two, that is. Add wine as needed..... : )

      1. I has very good short ribs there recently and a good thin crust pizza. They still have Meatball Mondays which are excellent - served either as an appetizer or as an entree.

        1. Loved the pasta with crab, burrata, and prosciutto sampler. Chocolate tart with sea salt and panna cota were also tasty. Looking forward to trying their pizzas. I went right before Xmas.

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            I am usually too full to order dessert, but last time I ordered the panna cotta and it was fantastic. I believe the flavors might change since I think it had figs back in August.

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              We usually order a cheese plate and seldom order sweet desserts, let alone two of them. Since the meal was for a special occasion we thought we would embrace gluttony! The panna cotta we tried came with pomegranate seeds and almonds, two of my bf's favorite things. I loved the very rich and dark budino tart.
              Full review on yelp,

              As a side note, I eat at Delfina on a semi-regular basis and loved A16, however, I think that I'm one of the only people that was a bit let down by Perbacco (bad service and food wasn't as good as Delfina or A16).

            2. re: Candice

              I second (third?) the chocolate tart! It's been a few months, but I still remember the fantastic combo of dark, creamy chocolate, fragrant olive oil, and crunchy sea salt. I'm not a big dessert person (and not a choc. fan), but I ate all of my half and, um, some of my husband's half too... it is very rich, not that that stopped me. And, as others have said, the pizza is fabulous--my favorite crust in the city.

            3. Our family of five was at A16 last December to celebrate our two adult sons birthdays (ages 28 and 23) and was first time for us at A16. Everything exceeded our expectations and A16 is one of my top five. I think it is better than Delfina, and prices are less! It was noisy, but we loved it and had everything: appetizer, pizza (great!), pasta, ordered the five entrees, dessert. We even found a parking space right in front of restaurant as a car was leaving around 6PM!!! Enjoy.