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Jan 16, 2007 10:47 PM

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

I just saw this place metioned in the Korean resto thread and it reminded me to do a quick little post about my first time eating there this week-end. What a great little spot!!

The menu consists of 8 or so dishes - 7 of them cost $7.02 + tax and the priciest one was $7.99 + tax. Most of the dishes are variations of a tofu stew. I had the one with sliced beef and dumplings and my husband tried the combo one with meat and seafood. I think there are 5 levels of spiciness - we both ordered "regular" (the middle one) but I didn't find it spicy at all.

To start, they provide you with kimchee, 4 little plates with the usual fare - one of the seaweedy things had a very funky taste but the other dishes were good. Then we were each brought a bubbling iron bowl of soup and told to crack our eggs into it. We were also given some rice (with beans?) and they added water to the pot that the rice had come in to loosen the crusted bits of rice from the bottom. We really enjoyed the stew - a great, flavourful, inexpensive dish to warm you up now that the weather has finally turned colder.

Afterwards, we wandered west along Bloor and happened into this large supermarket that was amazing - a little slice of Chinatown on Bloor West. There were loads of meats (pork bellies, ribs, etc.), frozen seafood, a myriad of rice, sauces, fresh produce, noodles, etc., and a little bakery in the back. We also found a bakery across the street and tried some walnut cakes filled with red bean paste.

All in all, it was a fun evening of new treats - highly recommended.

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  1. Funny, I had lunch there today.

    It has been a regular spot for me for about 5 years.

    i first stumbled on it one day when Tacos El Asador, which is right across the street, was closed (they used to be closed on Weds.)

    Great place, very friendly people, and the definition of cheap and cheerful.

    The soups are great, the dolsit bimbimbap and bulgogi are also excellent.

    They always bring you 4 different kimchi starters and complimentary wheat tea.

    Cant go wrong for an $8 lunch

    Highly higly recommended but keep it under your hat, I dont want it getting too popular

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    1. re: superizzy

      Tried the new North York location (on Yonge St, 2.5 blocks south of Finch on east side; formerly China Grill) last weekend. Enjoyed it very much especially on a wintry day. Had the dumpling tofu - good, not great. Friendly and efficient service. As others noted, very reasonable.

    2. Where exactly is this place? I drove by and didn't see anywhere with an English it on the north side or south side on Bloor?


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      1. re: cutehinano

        It is on the south side of Bloor, at Clinton. Directly across Bloor Street from Tacos el Asador.

      2. Are any of the dishes with Tofu only? Vegetarian or seafood only - without red meat or chicken? I love Korean food but usually I have to go to move fusion korean type places as they use a lot of red meat. thanks

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        1. re: to_eat

          I always have the vegetarian soup. Just tofu and mushrooms and kimchi, with rice on the side. No meat. There is also a seafood tofu soup.

        2. I haven't been there in a bit - but I do think they have tofu with seafood only or kimchi only on the menu.

          In any case, you can just ask the server for no red meat, and I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate.

          1. I had "soup tofu" in San Jose a few months back, so I was looking for the same in Toronto. The family drove by the North York location (5445 Yonge Street) in the weekend and we dropped in. The food was great - but every pot seems to be spicy so you probably need to tell them to hold the hot sauce if you cannot handle it. It is definitely a great value - we stuffed ourselves on good food for C$8.00 after tax!

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            1. re: jwang

              If you don't want any spice in yours, one option is to get the bulgogi pot, which is still really good. Even the mild pots can have a nice kick to'em. Maybe you can order other ones without any spice at all...I don't know. All in all, a fantastic place for the value. Dolsot bibimbop is a good choice as well.