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Best sushi in West LA or mid-city?

what is the best sushi place in LA? specifically west la? From my experience, it is Sasabune. But I'm looking for a great place for a larger group of friends -- old friends from UCLA -- and it has to be top-notch but not trendy yet still a venue with enough of a setting for a group of gals coming in town from the Bay Area. And did I mention the fish has got to be top-notch? And no icky and/or plastic crowds with thongs showing out their pants. Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. there has been quite a lot of CH banter on the best sushi in LA as of late. the following thread should help you get started in your quest:


    1. lol i'd consider changing the title of the original post (say WEST L.A. or something haha) because it's definitely opening up a can of worms.

      that said, the best sushi in "West" LA is at sushi zo on national in palms.

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        I totally agree. Right when I read the title, I said to myself 'rut roh, rorge'. Definitely opening a can of worms.

        And I second Sushi Zo.

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            maybe sasabune too???? now that they've moved, they may be a lot better again.

            and they have the nyc reputation to live up to, too.

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              My vote would be for Sasabune, but I'm far from the most experienced sushi diner here on the boards.

      2. Sushi Zo -- it's zero on the hip scale, being next to a Taco Plus in a Vons shopping center, but it is really excellent sushi. Just know that it is sashimi, nigiri and hand rolls only. No cut rolls, no spicy mayo.

        I usually let Keizo choose for me, because when I order for myself I just end up wanting whatever I see him giving others for omakase.

        Smallish venue, but they probably could put a few tables together and you'll be very happy..

        1. forgot to add, if you truly want the best........you need to go to urasawa.

          1. Mori on Pico, Kiriko on Olympic, Echigo on Santa Monica... Orris on Sawtelle would be a nice twist on the sushi thing too... I wish to one day mortgage my home and try Urasawa... I'm definitely not worthy...

            1. I'd go to Hiko, Sasabune, Kiriko, then one step down to Sushi Zo, then there are other creditable neighborhood places like Noma, even Hide...

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                  i definitely wouldn't put zo as a step below kiriko. zo is pricier and kiriko has more bells and whistles like the smoked salmon, but zo seems to be consistently fresher in the fish department. both are good though. i frequent both.

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                    the chef at zo is a real nice guy, very welcoming, but alas i'm sure if his sushi is as good as nozawa at the top of nozawa's game.

                2. Hiko Sushi on Sawtelle and National is definitely the best. The fish is so fresh, melts in your mouth. Get the chef's special.

                  1. I'm jumping on the Sushi Zo bandwagon. But if you have more than 6 or 8 in your party, I'd go to Sasabune, Sushi Zo would probably be too small to accommodate.

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                      We've seen a very lively party of six have a wonderful meal at Sushi Zo... you would need reservation tho'. :)


                    2. I gotta check out Sushi Zo. Looks and sounds delicious.

                      1. I've driven by a few times in the past two weeks and it's been crowded every time. Go Sushi Zo :)

                        1. We had a reservation for 8 last Friday and completely loved Omakase as usual. 6 new converts.
                          Zo is great.

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                            So there were two in your party that didn't convert? And you're still friends with them?


                            The last time I got the omakase Keizo introduced me to shirako. It was delicious. Try it if you're daring. But if you don't already know what it is, don't find out before you try it!

                            Sushi whimp no more!

                          2. So is K-Zo in downtown culver city a higher-end span of Keizo's Sushi Zo in Palms?

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                              I believe there is no connection between the two places.

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                                Gosh no... K-Zo really is a dispointment versus Sushi Zo... just an unfortunate name coincindence...

                              2. The Hump at the SM Airport. Great atmosphere as well as phenomenal quality fish. Pricey, but worth it.

                                1. This is different- but has anyone been to Tokyo Table on La Cienega?-- I haven't but-- wanted to know ;) I do vote for West LA- being Japanese and all, that is more like being home