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Jan 16, 2007 10:30 PM

Need Finger Food Idea

My son is getting baptized next month. We need to bring finger food to church for a small gathering after service. I am stumped because we are limited by these criteria:

- preferred to be prepared/finished the day before since we need to leave the house for church at around 10 am
- no reheating preferred as our church has limited facilities

There will be about 60 people in attendance.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Pinwheels would be one perfect make them and roll them the night before and then slice them down just before serving. Millions of great recipes out there...I always use the recipe if you need a quick reference. Deviled eggs would be easy to make the night before also.

    1. Pickle Wraps! Take some dill pickles and dry the outside of them off. Then spread cream cheese on pieces of dried beef and wrap around the pickles, and slice.

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        Make lots of them, they go as quickly as deviled eggs.

      2. How about chocolate covered strawberries? You can do both white, milk, and dark chocolate. It's cool enough that you can keep. Just keep it in the cooler. Make it the night before and then refrigerate it.

        1. So many options
          Thin deli sliced salami or other cold cut simply folded in half & half again & toothpicked (fills up hungry people & no crumbs)
          All those cheesey quiche Bisquick appetizers that can be cut in small squares (they come to room temp while the ceremony occurs amd are room temp when eaten)
          Small finger sandwiches like deviled ham
          Cheese cubes
          I am assuming you do not want dips and crackers that require table set up and end up with people grouping around a food table.The types of foods I listed avoid crumbs, are fine room temp and won;t get soggy and are filling.

          1. A tray of fresh veggies with a sour cream dip plus a fruit tray with a sweet dip would be easy. A tray of various cheeses and meats with small rolls already sliced along with mustard, etc.