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Jan 16, 2007 10:26 PM

Crescent City (Tustin) closed, ISO po boys and beignets

Just passed by the Tustin Marketplace, and the former Crescent City storefront is empty. Just an FYI for those like myself who may not have been in a while. We liked to stop by for a casual cafe au lait lunch every now and again when I felt too lazy to make something. Now I'll have to find another place for po boys and beignets.

Orange County candidates for "cajun" food items include Iva Lee's and The Beachcomber. Are there any other po boy / beignets candidates worth trying?

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that. We had the worst service there.

    1. Feel bad piling on, but that place was pretty terrible. Lukewarm, flavorless gumbo and rock-hard, sour beignets. I actually much prefer the beignets from the take out counter of Ralph Brennan's in Downtown Disney.

      1. It's like we're talking about two different places. My wife and I live nearby, and although we weren't regulars, we (like Professor Salt) enjoyed their stuff and the service was fine, considering it was a casual place (walk-up order counter) not a formal restaurant - the staff was always friendly and knowledgeable etc. I thought the Po Boys were good (among other things), esp. with their great fries. We're sad to see it gone.

        1. I liked it well enough too. Etoufee was pretty good, (not K-Paul's quality in New Orleans in the late 90s) but it was serviceable. And speaking of service, they've always been really nice to me.

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            also, the etoffee at crescent city would probably be a quarter the price of K-Paul's if I remember correctly (most entrees at kpual's were in the mide to high 30s)

          2. any place in OC with oyster poboys? i've been to a couple places in LA but not here. What about boudain? I was spoiled living near burt's meat market in houston.