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Jan 16, 2007 10:15 PM

Pinkberry: Brief review

I've been a skeptic of this place from the get go. Not sure why. Perhaps it was bad memories of TCBY's my friends worked at during high school.

Alas, I surprised my wife at her office this afternoon as she and some colleagues were on their way to Pinkberry (so THAT's what she does!) and tagged along for a taste of the cold stuff...on a cold day.

I sampled the Green Tea variety, and after weighing the weak hint of green tea versus the price differential between it and the original (read: plain) variety, I went with the latter.

For toppings, I went with strawberries and oreos. Toppings are $.95 each and believe me, you don't get much for your $.95.

However, this particular combination (it was my first foray) was excellent and made me a believer. It will be hard to steer my from trying another combo. Yum. Even in such cold weather (or perhaps it was even more sinfully insane to have such cold food on such a cold day that made it better?).

Good stuff. Just don't bother with the green tea variety.

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  1. I lived thru the Pinkberry craze of 06 here in LA. I'm a believer but many here are not. Plain with any variety of fruit is my favorite. The Cap'n Crunch aint bad either, but makes for a really sweet treat.

    1. I wasn't buying into the Pinkberry rage ($4 for frozen yogurt?!?!), but I had a plain yogurt with three fruit toppings, and man was it good. The fruit was really fresh and nice-textured - I highly recommend the mango chunks. The firmness of the mango goes great with the yogurt. And I wasn't too keen on having blueberries in it either, but my friend insisted (we shared one), and it was a really good choice. I went to the one on 32nd St, if that makes a difference. It's WAY too much for my meager budget to get an individual-sized one with three toppings, but my dining partner and I shared the huge one for $8 total. That's worth it.

      1. has anyone tried crazy banana, on 32nd just east of 5th? i really, really like it, and from the descriptions of pinkberry i've heard it seems to be the exact same stuff - just cheaper.

        1. After hearing about this from my friends in LA, I wanted to try but wasn't going to go out of my way for it. Lsat week, while in the neighborhood, I finally stopped in. I had the plain with blueberries and thought is was wonderful. The tang of the yogurt is refreshing and better than the sweetened stuff at most other places. While it is on the expensive side, I found it good and I'll be back.

          1. I'll post as the dissenter. I really don't like the yogurt. The regular is definitely way better than the green tea. Fruit topping do indeed go better than toppings like oreos. While refreshingly tangy, I don't like the texture of the yogurt. It's too icy and I prefer a smoother texture. It also reminds me of those miniature artificial Korean yogurt drinks that I was never too crazy about.

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              YEAH! Those little drinkable beige-colored yogurts. It's much more like that, and not like plain (eg. Dannon) yogurt, which is what I was expecting. I can't really imagine mixing stuff like chocolate in with it, ugh. Pinkberry IS a Korean-owned operation, right?

              I'll have to check this Crazy Banana out.