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Jan 16, 2007 10:03 PM

2lb blonde brownies!?! [moved from General Topics]

Hi all,

There's a local steakhouse here in Chico (5th Street Steakhouse)that offers a jaw-dropping blonde brownie. The brownie is served as a 3-4" square, about 1.5-2" thick, HOT, with a large ball of vanilla ice cream on top, all drizzled thinly with fudgy chocolate. It is SOO good I have taken a couple dates there JUST for the desert, and a couple times made the brownie a birthday cake for friends by whipping a candle out when it hits the table. Its so rich that often 4 of us split it after dinner just fine. Upon inquiry, the waiting staff can only divulge that each pan of the brownies (I assume a 9x13 or 10x15) uses TWO POUNDS of chocolate - one pound white, one pound milk. It almost seems impossible, but the richness of the brownie speaks otherwise.

I have been seraching high and low for any kind of blonde brownie recipe that uses a mix of white and milk chocolate. Anyone have any leads?

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