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looking for interesting food in Boynton beach area

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My first post regarding Cuban food in this area brought no response. So I thought I would try again, differently.
Woould someone be so kind please to share with me if there is any interesting food in this area. I would really appreciate it.

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  1. Bru's Room for wings and bar food - there are a few locations. Check out Atlantic ave in Delray for good restaurants. Kyoto for sushi, 32 east for fancy, Dada has pretty good food and is a fun vibe. I'm sure others can recommend some good stuff in Delray area. you can also do a search for Delray and Boyton.

    1. There's a good new Greek place on Woolbright east of Jog, called Taverna Plaka. It's a bit sedate, not one of the crazy touristy-Greek party spots that hve been springing up a lot around here; the food is definitely better than average. The lamb shanks are fork tender and have a cinammon-y gravy that goes well with the orzo. Grilled meats are fine, lemon roast chicken is moist with golden skin, the vegetables are nicely seasoned, and the roasted potatoes are a bit dry but have a nice olive oil flavor. Good-not-great agvolemono, and very good, moist, flavorful moussaka. Good, rustic salads with quality vegetables, and the desserts are well-made, too. I liked the lightly sweet rice pudding.

      There's a pretty good takeout-only barbecue shack by the train tracks along US1. Troy's, 1017 N. Federal. Respctable ribs and sides. It's not Tom Jenkins, but it is the real deal. If you don't want to eat off your car hood, there's a city boat ramp practically across the street with picnic tables. Not nice or anything, but it is seating.

      I generally shun chains and really dislike P.F. Chang's, but the same company has a new concept called Pei Wei, with a location on, um, Congress maybe? Across from the mall? Anyhow, it's kinda-sorta based on pan-Asian street food, mostly stir fries and noodle dishes with a surprising degree of authenticity for what it is. The spicy dishes have a serious kick and flavor. Noisy as all heck.

      For a nice night out, downtown Delray, to the south, is indeed a good bet.

      For bagels, "Bagels &" in the Publix plaza at Jog and Boynton Beach Blvd. is respectable for the area, a fair sight better than Flakowitz.

      Since I live a ways away and don't get much of my Latin up there, I'll leave that to others. I think in general for Cuban you'll either want to go south to Delray or Boca for mid-to-upscale versions especially, or head up toward Lantana and Lake Worth for bare-bones stuff. I could be wrong. Incidentally, the Lake Worth/Greenacres area, from Congress Ave. west to the Turnpike is lined with taquerias. Nothing a Californian or Chicagoan should get worked up about, but there is good Mexican to be had. Taqueria Guerrero is reliable, basic, authentic sit-down, and if you're really cheap and/or adventurous, there are shacks and taco trucks aplenty if you keep your eyes peeled. If you do Tacos al Carbon, the shack at Military and Lake Worth Road, get tacos, tacos and tacos. Their horchata et al seem to be from mixes. I wish I'd lived closer so I could explore the places up there in depth.

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        Troy's is pretty good, nice if you are in the area but not worth a trip from very far away. I think he is only open friday to sunday and I don't think he does lunch.

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          Tacos al Carbon is a fantastic place to get tacos. The place is a little sketchy- and I wouldn't go there by myself; but I go there as much as I can when someone will come with! I love the grilled steak or chorizo tacos, and I like to get at least one little quesadilla because the cheese they use just makes my mouth water!

        2. Nirvana fits the interesting bill. It's Indo-Trinidadian with a French influence and everything I have tried has been good. I think they have a website but I can never find it.

          China Dumpling is basic but good Chinese with the best offerings being dim sum.

          Kingsburg also has pretty good dim sum.

          1. I wouldn't recommend Nirvana. I don't know if its because I'm much younger than the usual retired crowd in there but my service was way below par. The appetizer was very very good but the entree was nothing special. But if interesting is what you are looking for, the menu is indeed, interesting. Very creative for the area. However, execution falls short.

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              I would not recommend Nirvana either, it is very interesting what they put on the menu. I am disappointed I did not have appetizers now and went straight to the main course. It was OK. My service was good but the place was empty. Probably not going back.

              Cuban Food is HAVANNA on Forest Hill and US 1. Take out 24 hours a day, real cuban and spanish food. Great restaurant, and if you have special requests talk to the manager. They were out of something my wife likes and they figured out a substitution. The manager brought it out to the table himself and waited to see if it was ok, it was great! Tostones and mojo are great, a special with tostones and picadiollo covered in mozzerella is what my wife likes - I think it is called tostones milanesa, they were out of picadiollo. The manager talked to us for a while then substitues Ropa Vieja and it was awesome. Now we order that every time we go in.


            2. Try Saigon for Vietnamese and Thai. It's on Congress and Boynton in the Publix Shopping Center.

              1. good luck! i've never managed to find any

                1. I second downtown Delray. The best place down there by far is a little off the beaten path of Atlantic Avenue and it is called Sundy House: http://www.sundyhouse.com/. The food is amazing and the space is charming and elegant.

                  Next, I would try 32 East on Atlantic Avenue- they have a menu that is constantly changing they have reliably good food. The atmosphere is relatively trendy but very nice.

                  On Jog Road, you can find a great steakhouse called Gotham Restaurant. The clientele is a bit older is remember correctly but the food is delicious and it is in a storefront so there is ample parking.

                  1. I missed your earlier post on Cuban food in Boynton- and I guess I'm a little late for this one, but here goes anyhow!
                    Las Vegas Cuban on Linton and Federal in Delray Beach is quickly becoming my favorite place to eat. The Chicken Milanesa and Masa de Puerco are superb; as are the garlicky cuban toasts, buttery rice and outstanding black beans. Don't miss their lunch specials- they are extremely reasonable!
                    On Yamato near Military there is a relatively new place called Five Spice Asian Street Market that you might like. The 5-spice roasted chicken is out of this world, and the pork is perfect. They also have rice and noodle bowls that are surprisingly good, and I'm told the Thai Iced Tea is as good as any Thai place.
                    Vito's Italian on Boynton near Congress looks promising; although I haven't tried it yet. I stopped in and got a menu that has interesting pizza combinations and some great looking sandwiches with fresh mozzarella and fresh baked focaccia-- I can't wait to try them!
                    And though not a very interesting choice, the Boynton Diner (Woolbright near Federal) is a sure bet for a fantastic breakfast. Check their specials, they are always good- but it's cash only!
                    Boynton is growing, slowly but surely. For some reason non-chain restaurants don't flourish here; and it seems like for more interesting food you may need to spend time in downtown Lake Worth or Delray!

                    1. I recently ate at Padrino's in the Mission Bay Plaza in Boca. We enjoyed the paella, the bistec de pollo, and the ropa vieja. give it a try.