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Jan 16, 2007 09:58 PM

Recommendations for high tea in London

Any suggestions for a wonderful high tea in London in February?

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  1. This question comes up a lot. Tea in London is a tourist thing more than something the locals partake in. I say go splurge at some of the best ones... I liked Brown's Hotel (recently refurbished and very yummy) years ago and still do. Others like The Orangery at Kensington Palace and even Harrod's has a large high tea menu. Sotheby's auction house has a nice, small area for tea and there's always other hotels like the Ritz or Dorchester.

    1. zuriga - try the tea room next time you're around notting hill - very nice selection of teas.

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        Thanks, howler... I'll try to do that. I actually had tea once at the House of Lords (long story). It was the worst tea I've ever been to and that includes in the States. :-)

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          Food and wine in the HoP's is notoriously foul.

          I have been to quite a number of events in both Lords and Commons and in the new ( ish) Portcullis House and you would find better food at a railway station..

          Don't get me started on just how dreadful their branded HoC's wines are.


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            As a Yank, I felt rather privileged to be there in the first place, but it was quite a disappointment. The other tea drinkers and eaters were worth going there to oogle at (so and so's physician etc.). It would have been rude to tell the Lord they should get a better chef or two, but they really are behind the times... or maybe cheap? Isn't this what we pay taxes for??

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          Are you referring to Tea Palace in NH? Or is there another tea salon simply called Tea Room?

        3. Thanks. We went to Brown's years ago and liked it, and I read about the refurbishment, too, so that's probably going to be where we go.

          Thanks again for the response

          1. I posted a link a while ago about Browns.


            The tea there is a very good experience and, for £27 though not cheap, not bad value considering you will not need to eat again the same day ( nor be able too


            As people have said it is more a thing for the visitor to do than the local but that does not mean that it is also not a damn enjoyable thing to do too.

            I tend to do it a couple of times a year and Browns is my favourite choice


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            1. The Orangerie is a good option if the weather is good because you can head out to the park and people watch. If you have kids, the Princess of Wales playground nearby is a must. (Note: Seating is indoors whatever the weather but combining it with a visit to the park makes it more delightful.)

              The Ritz is the place all Americans go for high tea. You might run into the American ambassador there but you're more likely to run into a coterie of Investment Banker spouses.

              Fortnum's at Fortnum and Mason is of course the tea place. You cannot go wrong with that choice!

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                Fortnum's is my favorite, as well, and there are more Brits than tourists, I would say.

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                  I was about to suggest Fortnum and Mason as well. The fragrance that permeates the entire store is like nothing you will smell anywhwere else, it's awful on the one hand and delicious on the other, and you have to pass through the whole thing before getting to the tea room. You get a real sense of the former grandeur of the British Empire at F&M, it smells as I imagine the hold of a ship of the East India Trading Company would have smelled. Pick up a ceramic pot of stilton, some Gentlemen's Relish and a selection of teas on your way out.