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Jan 16, 2007 09:50 PM

Where would you go for a girl's weekend out in KC?

One of my good friends is coming up this weekend from Pittsburgh, KS (!) and I was trying to think of fun things to do. I had kind of wanted to take a cooking class at the culinary center but they can be pricey (which I'm not sure if she'll want to spend the money) and it's only a muffin class. Any other day activities you can think of? Where would you go for dinner? I was thinking La Bodega, because she's kind of into unique food experiences. Any new ideas?

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  1. Make sure you go to Pryde's Old Westport!

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      On the roster, as is Penzey's and 10,000 Villages... anywhere else?

    2. I think La Bodega would be a fine dinner choice because it's the kind of place one is able to linger with friends. If you want it to be a true lingering experience, do an all mezze/tapas menu and don't order all dishes at once. Order one or two to share and then when you're nearly finished with them, order the next "course." Of course, you need to tip accordingly if you're tying up a table the waiter could have turned in the time you linger there and it might be discourteous to do such a linger if there are lots of people waiting for a table, too.

      How about 17th and Summit Saturday morning to Fevere for **marvelous** fresh artisan bread (call to confirm hours, likely will be sold out by at least early afternoon so go early for best selection). Then you could lunch at Bluebird next door.

      Not sure if they are still doing this, but if you two are into coffee and/or beer, call the Roasterie and Blvd Beer and see if they still have Saturday tours and sampling.

      If you're into hot sauces and salsas and spicy stuff, check out Original Juan's outlet store on SW Blvd just east of Rainbow. Fun stuff and samples, too. Be sure to check out the Cheesecake-In-A-Jar!

      If gambling is your game, there's always the boats. Since I only do casinos once every few years in Jackpot, NV, I don't know right now what the KC boats offer for food options but seems to me there are a few decent restaurants in the mix. I'm sure someone on this board can review the top ones.

      If you're doing Pryde's anyhow, call and see what time pie is served. Delicious stuff!

      Have fun! :)

      1. When my mother, aunt and sisters came to town to visit, one of there favorite places was the Webster House downtown. They said they had a great lunch and loved the shopping.

        1. I'm really keen on JP Wine Bar right now, and I think it would be an ideal stop on a girl's weekend. You can order a couple of wine flights (between you or each ;) and sample a lot of different wines for a very reasonable price. The nibblies are good -- we had an excellent cheese plate the other day with lots of dried fruit, candied nuts, and crackers. The atmosphere is very grownup -- sophisticated but comfortable. And you can show off downtown.

          I think they also have lunch/brunch, but I've never been there during the day.

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            Thank you for the pointer- I've not been there! My husband adores cheese plates, so I'll probably have to take him there first!

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              It looks pretty nice, but would you feel comfortable in jeans there? Also, do you think reservations are necessary on a Sat. night?

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                Definitely -- maybe not cut-offs, but definitely jeans. I don't know about reservations, since it's really more of a wine bar with snacks/small plates rather than a restaurant.

            2. Well, things didn't turn out as planned, as usual! My friend ended up not getting into town until 4:30 on Sat. (not surprised with her, but still... :-( ). So, we didn't really have time to do anything that I had planned, i.e. Penzey's, 10,000 Villages, Pryde's, and Original Juan, plus the snow was coming down pretty good by that time. I really wanted to go to JP Wine Bar, but neither one of us is comfortable driving in the snow much (wimps)! We went down the block to Kyoto's and ate our weight in sushi and grill food and then walked over to Nick and Jake's for dessert. I really like Kyoto's, not a huge fan of Nick and Jake's, but all in all, it was all about the girlfriend time and we had a lot of fun! I'm making my husband take me to JP Wine Bar this week for sure! Thanks for all the help- sorry to disappoint, next time!