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Jan 16, 2007 09:43 PM

Dinner at Hyde Street Bistro

Went to Hyde Street Bistro this weekend with 3 friends, expecting to order from the DAT menu.

We were seated over half an hour after our reservation time, which was a little irritating, but hey, not the end of the world.

Turns out that their DAT offerings were much less enticing than everything else on the menu so we decided to order off of the full menu and forego dessert.

I had the Coq au Vin which seemed like a lot more food than any of my dining partners received. It was really delicious - the sauce was nice and thick and meaty, and was served with linguine.

My friends had the Duck Confit (the bite I had was very tasty), Pork Medallions (didn't try it, but he loved it), and striped bass with saffron risotto (much lighter than everyone else's, but still very tasty). There was not a bite left on any of our plates.

I'd recommend this restaurant if you live in the neighborhood - 20-ish dollar entrees, pretty good wine, yummy food, nice ambiance.

They ended up giving us dessert on the house to make up for the long wait. Now I don't even remember waiting outside, I just remember the chocolate mousse...

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  1. The wife & I went there for dinner about 2 years ago and had a great time. Good to know they're still worth it

    1. We enjoyed our dinner last week Thursday 1/11/07.
      My wife ordered the Coq au Vin and enjoyed it very much.
      It was a very large serving and we had enough to enjoy as part of dinner at home
      the next evening. I has the Cassoulet which was good, hearty and HOT !!.
      We thought that the wine list was expensive and needs some lower priced wines.
      We would go to Baker Street Bistro in the next visit, much lower cost
      and just as good.

      1. i agree about the expensive wines.

        haven't tried baker street bistro. i'll check it out sometime.