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Jan 16, 2007 09:35 PM


I keep passing the Dragon Street restaurant in North Hollywood. Has anyone tried it? Any good?

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  1. It's serviceable americanized chinese. I liked the mongolian beef, which the menu purports to be their specialty. Nothing to write home about, or travel for.

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      Just so. It tries to be both a Chinese restaurant and a sushi bar and it's mediocre at both. Not terrible, but nothing to get excited about either.

      I miss Chef Wang.

    2. Doesn't this place also offer sushi?
      Seems to me that any place that offers both Chinese and sushi cannot really be a specialist in either, and thus my assumption would be skepticism as to the quality of either.

      1. wow weird to be responding to a posting from January but here goes--I used to eat at Dragon Street fairly regularly because they used to be on dining for frequent flyer miles list and they were fairly close to my house. The food there is decent, not knock your socks off but you won't leave there feeling violated. They are also inexpensive and their food doesn't taste like the greasy chinese fast food I abhor. I liked their steamed fish. They do own the japanese/sushi place next door that goes by a different name (starts with an "M" name escapes me right now) There is a connecting entry through Dragon Street or enter off the street. The food there is not as good nor authentic enough for my taste. The portions are big (a lot of bang for your buck) and the korean bbq was tasty, then again why is there Korean BBQ at a sushi place? suspicion is that there are no Japanese up in that piece. Stick with the Chinese side, I think you'll have a better experience foodwise.

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        1. re: Hapafish

          the reason is both sides are Korean owned!

          1. re: carter

            the BBQ was tasty! thanks for clearing the mystery up carter san!

        2. I have recently moved in to the No Ho area, and I've tried Dragon Street on Lankershime. It's quite good. Prices are resonable and the food is great. It happens to be a combo restaurant, that is to say it has two doors on Lankershime. One door opens in to Dragon Street and the other opens in to a Japanese restaurant. They are of course connected inside, but seperate. It's actually cool. It's not my regular sushi place, but for Chinese, it's worth the time. It is cool to be able to order a California roll from the same waiter who takes your order for pan fried dumplings or hot and sour soup.