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Jan 16, 2007 09:33 PM

bánh mì

Anyone know where to get a good Vietnamese sandwich known as bánh mì in Chicago Area (suburbs excluded)

(a combination of meat, crudités (cucumbers, carrots, daikon, onions, cilantro, chili), and some sort of dressing on baguette)

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  1. The Uptown neighborhood---Argyle/Broadway/Sheridan---Argyle red line stop(Li'l Chinatown nee' Li'l Vietnam)is your destination: banh mi are found many places among them Tank Noodle, Ba Le, and the BBQ/banh mi place along Sheridan(whose name escapes me at the moment...Vinh Phat? is that it?).

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      Yes, you have it right, Vinh Phat:

      4940 N Sheridan Rd
      Chicago, IL 60640
      (773) 878-8688

    2. I like the ones at Ba Le, on Broadway right where Argyle dead-ends. They have dozens of varieties, it seems. My favorite is the one with shrimp patties.

      1. In addition to the aforementioned establishments, both Pho 888 and Pho Xe Lua offer an array of delicious banh mi. Pho 888 makes their own cha lua, or pork roll, so the banh mi with cha lua is a good bet. And, Pho Xe Lua makes a delicious mixed pork banh mi with plenty of creamy butter which is a good bet, too. Oh, and like it's close relation Pho Xe Tang, or "Tank," as it's more widely known, Pho Xe Lua makes a great banh mi with warm sardines.

        Pho 888
        1137 W. Argyle

        Pho Xe Lua
        1021 W Argyle


        1. it appears that there will be a new Vietnamese bakery on Lawrence across from HarvesTime - their awning lists banh mi, among other items.