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Eagle Rock - Dine-In and Take-Out

My co-CH just started a new job in the Eagle Rock area and we're looking forward to the new dining options - looking for both dine-in and carry-out, open for just about anything.

What restaurants do you recommend and what should we order? Anything to watch out for?

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  1. Lots of good options. In no particular order:

    Dave's Chilling & Grilling - best sandwich in Eagle Rock, hands down. Don't know where he gets his pastrami, but it's the leanest, best pastrami I've ever eaten.

    Cafe Beaujolais - Should be an LA landmark, you're practically entering Paris when you step inside. Great service, great wine, good food, makes for a great dinner.

    Blue Hen - I'm partial because I'm friends with one of the owners. Might not be the best Vietnamese food going, but the atmosphere is nice, and just about everything on the menu will satisfy.

    Mia Sushi - Most worthwhile sushi this far from the ocean.

    Casa Bianca - This place is the subject of countless debates. You can find threads a mile long arguing this place pro and can. Order a pizza to go, just to see what the hype is about. Though, if I want a pizza, I prefer...

    The Capri - Nothing flashy, but my personal favorite pizza in the 'Rock. Thin crust that's always the right balance of chewy and crispy. Good toppings, and the cheese is just right.

    Oinkster - Also the subject of a lot of debate. I didn't care for it on my first visit, but I think I'm on their wavelength now, and like it a lot for what it is.

    Taco Bell - Just kidding.

    Coffee Table - My girlfriend swears by the feta cheese & tomato omelette. Service is slow, but the food is good, and it's a fine place to linger over breakfast and the Sunday paper.

    Spitz - Kebob sandwiches, awesome french fries, very tasty stuff. Plus, the 'world famous' gelato is almost as good as they claim it is.

    Sizzler - Eagle Rock's premier steakhouse. Just checking to see if you've read this far, ha ha ha.

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      Maybe I was there on a bad night, but the Capri pizza was like a frozen pizza at best. Cardboardish crust from dough that seemingly had never been held, much less kneaded, by the hands of a human.

    2. What about Polka?

      "..a Polish restaurant near where Eagle Rock fades into Glendale..."

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      1. for wines check out the colorado wine co. a few blocks off colorado and eagle rock intersection. owned by a lovely young couple and a great little gem. not an eatery as you asked for, but i figured i'd pass along the tip anyway.

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          not an eatery?

          they have a wine bar in the back and host tastings every week!

          well, a drinkery, i guess.

          nothing in this store is expensive, and i mean that in a good way.

        2. and what about Auntie Em's ?

          1. Agree with most of these- Coffee Table is great for breakfast, lunch.....I've never had a problem with the service and the food is fresh, tasty. Highly recommend their lentil soup when they have it, burgers and sandwiches.

            Auntie Em's is just ok- people used to freak out about it but I never really got it. The sandwiches are dry, cupcakes dry....not really sure what all the fuss is about but maybe I caught them on bad days.

            Fattys- STAY AWAY. Worst service on the planet....truly, in the universe. I honestly can't tell you how the food is because when you're treated like dirt, the focus just isn't on the food.

            Agree with Beaujolais- GET THE HALIBUT. You'll be tempted by the meat on the menu (it's great too) but please -on your first visit to Beaujolais, one MUST get the halibut.

            There are lots of Mexican options in Highland Park as well, so hope you can get down to our hood sometime!

            Tuna Toast: http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

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              I agree with you 100% on Fatty's! "worst service .. in the universe" doesn't even begin to describe. Try abusive, demeaning, service! Are they even open anymore? Last time I was dragged there kicking and screaming for brunch, there was a sign that said they were only open for dinner. (ridiculous, since they had a brisk brunch business) But every time I've driven by in the evening they look closed! Good riddance, but if someone knows the recipe for the Elvis Parsley, please let me know so I can recreate it without being insulted.

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                From what I gather, the two women who own the restaurant and property have never been in the restaurant business and don't really even need to be open, so there you have it. If you have a place that's heart is not into it, or they are not passionate about food it reflects on what you get on your plate, and how it is served to you.

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                ugh- hear, hear.

                evil place. was decent under the previous owners.

                Also- soon to open


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                  Yes - Larkin's! Has anyone been to one of the tasting dinners yet? I'm going this Friday and will report back...the menu looks AMAZING (fried chicken, catfish, etc.). Also, though I don't live in the EG but love it and make visits regularly, I've found I really adore the cute Thai place right next door to Cafe Beaujolais...white house with porch. Anyone know it or have an opinion? Have never understood why my friends would repeatedly be disappointed by Fatty's or Aunti Em's when that place was in existence.

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                    You're talking about Classic Thai or as we call it - Bland Thai. Nice intimate setting with incredibly boring food. Not horrible, just tasteless. And IIRC, not cheap. We prefer Panang across the street. We also like Sicha Siam for more earthy Thai food.

              3. Here is a good list with lots of options:

                Auntie Em's- definately the most creative and freshest food in Eagle Rock-daily seasonal specials, great baked goods and wonderful breakfasts.

                Spitz-simple menu of really tasty doner kabob sandwiches with fresh veggies and a spicy feta sauce. Great sweet potato fries.

                Taco Truck on Eagle Rock Blvd-they park just down the street from 7-11. they have big, fresh mexican shrimp cocktails, really good quesadillas and spicy little carne asada tacos. A great late night spot.

                Blue Hen-simple vietnamese food. Organic, mostly vegetarian, but they do have chicken.

                Taco Spot-Well priced, fresh, more California style mexican food.

                Daves Chillin and Grillin-my favorite tuna melt around. Take it to go, or eat in at one of the two tables. They also have great pastramis.

                Mia Sushi-Very fresh fish, creative rolls a cozy enviroment. It is lovely to sit on the patio during the summer.

                Chalet-hip, groovy bar with strong drinks and a stellar juke box.

                Avoid-Coffee Table, not fresh, lots of canned things,baked goods not made there, and if you have coffee in your name at least let that be good. Fatty's-just weird, and incosistant, Cafe Beaujolais-used to be good 5 or 6 years ago before the owners sold, but now it is sub par.

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                  I had looked forward to Coffee Table opening, but it's not nearly as good as the original in Silver Lake. Too bad.

                2. I agree with everyone here but thought I'd add a few places that haven't made it on here yet:

                  Camilo's -- great neighborhood sit-down restaurant with reasonable prices, beer and wine, and excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner

                  The Bucket -- huge, delicious burgers, beer and spicy mustard sauce

                  Senor Fish (sorry, can't do the tilde with this keyboard) -- can be excellent, can be good, can be horrible, can be closed when you think it's open! I like the seafood quesadilla.

                  The Capri -- excellent pizza (though I prefer Casa Bianca) and decent pasta, friendly place with hometown appeal.

                  Rambo's taco truck on Eagle Rock just up from the one that has the good seafood -- I like their carne asada and al pastor better than most trucks.

                  One thing about Eagle Rock -- since almost all the restaurants are mom n pop places, they can be closed at odd times, closed early or closed for weeks at a time for no apparent reason. Call first! Also, there isn't much open late (and by late, I mean after 9 PM on weekdays) except Mia and the various taco trucks.

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                    yes lachyky, i forgot about these other places. I have to say I dont really like the Capri or Casa Bianca, but I hear that Michael Angelos is coming to the Rock. Fingers crossed. Rambos is great!

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                      Oinkster is relatively exciting in the Eagle Rock genre. All homemade and good, especially the house-cured pastrami- I think that's pretty impressive.

                    2. Don't forget the Italian Bakery and Deli on Colorado. Decent sandwiches, but their pizza bread fresh out of the oven is divine.

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                        Saturday is semolina bread day and Friday is foccacia day.

                      2. Also don't forget Colombo's Italian Steakhouse! Old fashioned, run by lovely people, lots of character and decent fare. I love the place.

                        1. I'd like to put in a good word for Armon's - a great cheap breakfast (Eagle Rock Blvd near Colorado).

                          The food at Cindy's is debatable...but the atmosphere/set-up is pretty kick ass.

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                            Cindy's gives a good cheap diner breakfast. I like the CB hash & eggs so much I never get anything else, though I've heard the Eggs Benedict praised highly. This is the kind of place, though, that's a lot better if you're in a crowd.

                          2. In Highland Park, but still close to Eagle Rock, is La Huarache Azteca on York at Ave. 52.

                            1. Auntie Em's is great-- open for breakfast and lunch. But they do market dinners several times a year. And they have a marketplace on the premises....and you can get great prepared food to go! Also an amazing cheese selection.

                              1. I personally avoid Cindy's. For breakfast I like the Coffee Table. Fresh and good food though sometimes a bit too busy. Auntie Em's is good. Hard to get a table on the weekend.
                                Not to into the whole Oinkster thing. I don't get it. Not as great as some of the posts would have you believe. Well that's my 2 cents.

                                1. Camilo's is one of the best values in Eagle Rock for breakfast. Better food, prices and atmosphere than Coffee Table, but not casual. Huevos Rancheros, great.

                                  But Coffee Table is certainly fine for breakfast. Lots of choices. Especially if you don't feel like getting dressed up and want to roll in with the Sunday paper.

                                  We ate at Cindy's once and never will again. Went on a Sunday morning, finished our breakfast in 30 minutes, wanted to enjoy an extra cup of Joe and the hostess actually asked us to leave because people were waiting for a table! After 30 minutes! If only Fred Eric of Fred 62 would take over the place.

                                  Going to Larkin's this weekend for the brunch tasting. Had a great catfish dinner there a few months ago. These guys need our support, give them a try.

                                  1. Thanks to everyone for their replies and suggestions! We're starting to explore Eagle Rock and enjoying the experience - especially the food options. I've printed-out everyone's ideas and we now each have copies in our cars, for quick and easy reference.