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Jan 16, 2007 09:23 PM

Your favorite thing at Tommy's Joynt? [San Francisco]

I searched the rest of the board and found only general recs for Tommy's. I feel like I always order the "same thing" and sometimes the "wrong thing." (As in, always forget if it's the BBQ beef or the brisquit or the roast beef that comes out too dry...)

Would love to expand my horizons and hear some of the hounds' favorites here.

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  1. Oxtail and the Lamb Shank have been Tommy's standards for a long time. Also, the corned beef is very down home.

    1. Turkey or turkey leg dinner. Lamb shank and buffalo stew on ocassion.

      1. I like the pastrami sandwich -- with just mustard -- on french roll (they don't have good rye bread.)

        1. Beer and bean soup. It sounds bizarre, but is really quite delicious.

          I feel like everything at Tommy's is fine. It's beer food, it's meaty, it's fatty, it's greasy. No one dish stands out as better or worse than the others. It just depends what I'm in the mood for.

          1. The endless supply of pickles! I'm not a huge fan of the chili but tend to go for the special of the day or a pastrama sandwich. The BF always gets knockwurst and loves the fact that they have Chimay on tap. Great beer list!

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              Cheap beer, that nose-clearing mustard on the tables, the jug of pickles & pastrami sandwiches.