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Jan 16, 2007 09:19 PM

Rec's Needed for First-Timer's Vacationing in Seattle

My husband and I will be going to Seattle for the long weekend in February. We will have 3 1/2 days there and need some good recommendations for places to eat.

For the most part, we are looking for fairly reasonable places for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but are also interested in a few places to "splurge" on. We have diverse tastes, but mostly like places that focus on fresh, local ingredients and that will give us a "taste of Seattle" in terms of both food and atmosphere.

Also, where's the best coffee?

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  1. Sorry! I forgot to mention that we are staying downtown at the Marriot Renaissance w/o a car, so places near that area would be great.


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      within one block of your hotel are Tulio (Northern Italian) and O'Asian (upscale Chinese/dimsum), both good, also Vessel for designer cocktails. a few blocks away are Troiani (Italian) and the Brooklyn (oyster bar/steakhouse). A couple blocks further (Pike Place market) are Chez Shea ( try the tasting menu) and Maximiliens at the Market (casual bistro, good for lunch).

    2. Chemchef, If you scan down the Pacific Northwest thread, you'll find a Chowhound survey of Seattle's best restaurants as rated by local Chowhounds. It's very accurate. Top of the list is Harvest Vine. It's not expensive by East Coast standards but you'll need reservations. Ask for a table in the wine cellar. Don't miss Salumi for lunch (Tues-Fri). Matt's at the Market, one of Seattle's true gems, is closed until March for rennovation.

      1. There are also lots of threads about coffee, including a very recent one.

        1. for your dinner splurge i would definitely seek out chez shea or campagne. you are missing a great spot with matt's closed.
          and you can't go wrong just browsing and munching your way through the pike place market area-not just in the market proper-at lunch time for a quintessential seattle experience.
          the crumpet shop on 1st is great for a casual delicious breakfast. please let us know what you do!

          1. Thanks for all the input! We will definitely try to utilize all or most of your suggestions. One more thing... How are Tom Douglas's restaurants? Any of them worth going to, and if so, which one(s)? Any other 'must visit' places (non-touristy)? Thanks!

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              The Dahlia bakery is fantastic, one of the best in the city. My husband loves the coconut macaroons.

              Lola is my personal favorite of the Tom Douglas restaurants. Upscale Meditteranean. Not traditional Greek food, but so good.

              Another great bakery is Macrina in Belltown 2408 1st Avenue. I recommend it for a light breakfast of coffee and pastry. The use Cafe Vita which is a local roaster.