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Jan 16, 2007 09:17 PM

Need Ideas for Office Breakfast Club

My husband's office does breakfast club every Friday and he's up next week. Since I don't work on Fridays I usually go in to help as the guest chef and I'm looking for some new ideas to spice things up.

They have a kitchen with an oven, stovetop and microwave, so I usually bring in a few things that need heating up. I can't have too much in the oven, though, or nothing cooks (as I learned the hard way one time). Breakfast is at 9 on the dot, so I don't want something that needs to be baked for longer than an hour.

I can do some things on the stovetop, but nothing fried as the boss hates that "McDonald's smell."

His breakfast club partner always brings in bagels, fruit, pastries, juice, etc. since she doesn't cook, so all of that is covered.

I was thinking of some kind of egg casserole, maybe a strata since that has to be done the night before. I would love to do as much as I can the night before since I'm not exactly a morning person and in order to get everything ready by 9 we have to get there super early as it is.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. If there's bagels and pastries, you might want to consider a "crustless" quiche instead of a strata (so much bread...). I've had great success just baking the filling in a well-buttered pan. How many people?

    1. iin my office we bring in AM treats on the Tues AM closest to our birthdays. One year I asked, what woudl you all like for me to make. They all wanted brakfast casseroles. Easy and cheap enough. I have two of the large Le Creuset lasagna bakers that really hold the heat. I do one breakfst bread pudding and one more strata like casserole. It varies by year and I have found a number of good recipes for the bread pudding type at Epicurious. On the strata type I wing it. Last year I made sort of a baked migas with chorizo, cheese and garnishes of crisp tortilla strips and salsa. This year I gave it and Italian twist with spicy Italian sausage and a variety of cheeses and a pretty sprinkle of parsley garnish. Every bit was eaten. The beauty of the stratas or the bread pudding things is that almost all of it can be done the night before and just popped in the oven while you shower and dress. The bread puddings I assemble the whole thing the night before and with the stratas I get all of the components ready the night before and throw it together in the AM. No thinking needed. I too am not a real AM person either. Epicurious has almost 300 options.

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        Thanks for the suggestion...I'll check out Epicurious.

      2. I like the strata idea. I made one recently with hot-smoked salmon which was amazingly good. It was all made the previous day and just reheated.

        1. French toast bread pudding? My mom makes this for brunches sometimes. I prefer strata or something not sweet, but her guests seem to love this.

          1. My dh's office also has a breakfast club. His favorite (so far) has been stuffed breads. Using a prepared pizza dough he layers scrambled eggs, pre-cooked hash browns, canadian bacon slices, maple syrup, salt & pepper. Bakes at 350 for 40 minutes first thing in the morning and slices the breads at the office.

            They go!

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            1. re: HillJ

              HillJ, forgive me, how does this go together? Where is the bread dough? Like a calzone?

              1. re: blue room

                Sory br...I really did run threw that tip

                1) Take the prepared pizza dough and roll to a circle (pizza like)
                2) Take prepard fillings as mentioned above and layer on top of dough
                3) Roll dough to form a roll
                4) Bake
                5) Slice

                Like a stuffed Calzone but more loaf-like in shape (prior to slicing).

              2. re: HillJ

                This sounds great! I'll run this idea by my husband.