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Jan 16, 2007 09:16 PM

Pops for Champagne?

anyone been to the new location? average price for a glass? bottle?

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  1. I was there on Tuesday night for a special event tasting. I'd never been to the old spot but I thought the bar room was airy and well decorated if a bit small. The other side of the location is their retail area and a small room in back that I'm guessing might be for private parties/dining? I didn't see too many bottles of wine on the menu that I looked at that were under $100 and my friend told me that it was about $15 per glass. Generally more than I'm willing to spend unless someone else is buying! :-)

    1. You couldn't PAY ME to go there. Was there once at old location with my now husband. We were having very romantic evening, very pleasant, had ordered a bottle of champagne and talking. The waiter came over and asked how long we were planning to stay because they could really use our table. Boy, it really crushed our mood. I can't describe the rude manner in which we were treated. Booh!

      1. Never been here, but I always got the impression that it's kind of like bottle service wrapped with a jazz veneer. A fair amount of sizzle but is there real steak there ?

        I don't need to be hustled for an expensive bottle of champagne, and I can find INCREDIBLE jazz music elsewhere.

        1. I went the week it opened. It was fairly crowded and loud and they hadn't quite gotten the hang of the service, but they were trying. The coolest thing about the place were the ice buckets incorporated into the tables. The food was very mediocre. The champagne list was interesting, but definitely on the expensive side.