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Jan 16, 2007 08:37 PM

ues suggestions wanted

Our daughter just moved to east side nineties from Boston. We'll be coming down more than the 2 or 3 times a year we used to. Looking for recs for that end of town for just about everything from pizza, bagels, white castle, to highest end gourmet. We eat everything and will try any good suggestions. Thanks

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  1. You can do a search under Carnegie Hill and you will probably find some suggestions.

    Pizza: Nick's on 92nd and Pintaille's on Madison and 91st.

    Italian: Sfoglia, new and a bit hard to get a table. Good food but snotty service

    Brazilian: Zebu Grill, 92nd and 2nd.

    New American: Island, 92nd and Madison. It's a bit expensive but I like their food, specially seafood dishes.

    French: Pascalou and Bistro du Nord, Madison and 92nd. Both have a very inexpensive pre-fix.

    Brunch: Sarabeth's on Madison and 92nd.

    Pio-Pio: 2nd Ave and 92nd (I belive), for inexpensive, good chicken.

    Itzocan Bistro: Lexington and 101 - innovative, Mexican/French bistro

    Yura (Madison and 92nd): great for take-out

    El Paso Taqueria: 97th and Park, inexpensive Mexican

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      All good suggestions - I live right by the 92nd St/Mad Ave nexus, so we frequent all of these places.

      Island - I like it, but always end up spending more than I think I *should*.

      Pescalou - has become a once week, week-night place - eclectic but well executed menu.

      Bistro du Nord - good when they are on their game, but they miss about 50% of the time.

      Pio-Pio - the rice is also wonderful.

      Sarabeth's - beware of long lines/waits for brunch.

      Itzocan Bistro - very good, interesting and reasonable.

      Yura - they are opening a full-fledged restaurant next door, in early Feb - looking forward to checking it out.

      1. re: Toot

        (1st ave btw 90th and 91st for Pio Pio ... and don't forget the excellent sangria)

        1. For decent cheapish sushi - Ichiro - 2nd Ave & 87th or so. Also Chef Ho for Chinese - 2nd & 89th.

          1. For pizza, head uptown to Patsy's on 1st Ave. betw. 117-118th. Whenever my husband and I have access to a car, we make the trip there, it's well worth it!

            For an amazing prime new york strip steak at a very reasonable price, try Ottomanelli New York Grill on 93rd and Lex. The portions are overly generous and they cook their steaks to perfection. They also serve one of the best burgers on the UES and homey Italian fare.

            On 1st Ave. betw. 87th and 88th is a bakery called Glaser's Bake Shop that has been there since 1902. It has a nice old-fashioned feel with great black and white cookies, donuts, cut-out cookies, traditional bday cakes.

            1. Thanks to all. We are coming down Sat. and will get right to it.