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Jan 16, 2007 08:24 PM

best korean in Westchester?

I used to live in the east 30s and often went to the various places in Koreatown but have yet to try a Korean place up here. I'm very pregnant and craving some bibimbop and bulgogi so please give me some good recs! tia

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  1. I am not a Korean expert but my DH and I have eaten at a Korean restaurant on Central Avenue, I think in shopping center across from Kohl's. I liked the bibimbop. There were several asian families there.

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    1. re: rolise

      Kang Suh! I love this place... they are very good

    2. Kalbi House on Central Ave in White Plains is the best. Kang Suh on Central Ave in Yonkers is one step down but pretty good.

      Neither is as good as the Northern Blvd Korean strip in Flushing, Queens. I went to a brand new place last Friday, it had only been open a few days, that was amazing.

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      1. re: JMF

        I haven't been to Kalbi House in about a year and a half because i noticed the quality of the meat went down. Kang Suh is consistently excellent!

      2. for what it's worth, kang suh is related to the restaurant of the same name on 32nd street in manhattan.

        not sure where you are in westchester, but why not hop over the gw bridge to fort lee and palisades park, nj? it's a short ride from yonkers or thereabouts and there are tons of great korean options. the korean community's very large in that part of bergen county so even a mediocre place will probably be better than anything in westchester or 32nd street, and it's much closer than flushing.

        1. I agree with KMF, I rate Kalbi House a notch over Kang Suh, regardless of the affiliation. I think they are more generous and attentive at Kalbi, although both are not cheap. At Kalbi house, however, you are more apt to exit smelling like a BBQ.

          There used to be a good Korean BBQ place in Ardsley, where the Kosher deli used to be in a strip mall. Not sure if it's still there.

          1. I recently hit Kang Suh for the first time in 4+ years after my Korean friends insisted their quality has improved drastically. I was very skeptical since the previous experiences caused the 4+ year absence. To my surprise it has truly improved! No it's not as good as Ft Lee or Flushing but it's almost on par with Manhattan. Best part is it's only a few miles from my house!