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Jan 16, 2007 08:22 PM

Your experience w/Jade Range or Viking Range, 30 inch, all gas

I am getting a 30" 4 burner pro-style range (all gas, not dual fuel, sealed burners, self cleaning) and have narrowed the choices down to the Jade JBL (not the classic) series (model number RJRG3010A) and the Viking VGSC (model number VGSC307-4B).

I've eliminated Blue Star, Wolf and Thermador for various reasons after research and seeing them in person. I also looked hard at the DCS (which actually has 5 burners), and, while it would be my first choice, it's $4900, well in excess of the Jade and the Viking and I can't see $1000 of value in getting the DCS. BTW, I have been quoted $3999 for the Jade and $4409 for the Viking (SF Bay Area). I have been reading the Garden Web appliance forum but want to hear if any 'hounds have had experiences with either of these ranges, or if there is something hugely important that I'm forgetting in making the decision!

Performance is obviously the most important but I think either of these will perform well, so also would love to hear reliability issues, since the Jade is not a well-known or popular brand as compared to the Viking. I cook dinner 4 or 5 nights a week and have dinner parties 2 to 3x per month, but am not a baker, so oven issues related to precise baking (as opposed to roasting and broiling) are not as relevant to my style of cooking. I know by getting sealed burners I am losing some BTUs but am OK making that trade-off.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I had an early Viking which proved extremely unreliable. Based on that experience, I could not recommend Viking. I currently have the DCS 5 burner model which has been great. No experience with Jade.

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      Turns out the quote we got on the DCS was for the dual fuel so prices are in line with the Jade, about $100 to $200 more, so DCS is back on my list. Do you have the self-cleaning 5 burner model? Can you use all 5 burners at once?

      1. re: farmersdaughter

        I've used all five, but it is hard to fit five pans on top. The middle burner is higher BTU and I use it mainly for wok-cooking. More useful than the high BTU burners is the ability to simmer at very low heat.

        1. re: farmersdaughter

          When I bought my first DCS 30" model, I went for the non-self cleaning model and saved a bunch. I think I paid around $3,000 and ordered it special (black finish). A couple years later, I got the dual fuel version for $2,700 (prior year model, stainless). It's important to note that I have the version where all burners are 15,000 BTU and the center burner is 17,500 BTU; they don't make that anymore.

          To me, the cooktop arrangement is the most important feature of this stove. I've had all 5 burners going at the same time, with 12" saute pans, stockpots and other sauce pans. No issues fitting everything on it.

          While the oven's performance is good, be it the all gas or dual fuel, I still recommend using an oven thermometer and checking the calibration from time to time. Make sure you preheat and all that stuff.

          A lot of folks at GardenWeb like the Capital over the DCS. Designers of the DCS started their own company (Capital) after DCS was purchased by Fisher and Paykel. Check out Capital too.

      2. I have a brand new Viking VGSC3676B, which is the 36" six burner version of what you're looking at. I love it. Those sealed burners deliver plenty of BTUs, so I think you've made a good decision there. The oven temps are spot-on and it maintains temperature very well. The infrared broiler works extremely well. I have no complaints about the range's performance, controls, finish, etc. As for reliability, I've only had it installed for about a month, but I have encountered one issue: The ignitors started acting up a couple weeks ago. Viking took care of it right away by installing a new module. It's been working fine ever since. Hopefully that'll be the only problem I run into. For what it's worth, in the Los Angeles area the VGSC3074B can be had for about $400 less than what you've been quoted.

        Do you already have a good ventilation system installed or picked out? I bought a 18" high Viking Pro Wall Hood, Model VWH3678. I looks and works great; however, it is a bit noisy with the 600 CFM interior ventilator. If I were doing it again, I would spring for the 900 CFM exterior ventilator. It's about $400 extra, plus the installation is more involved. I think it would be worth it, though.

        Good luck with your purchase!

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        1. re: JimN

          I'm just researching hoods now, and am looking at the Vent a Hood and also at Kobe and Zephyr. This is for a new buildout, so my limits basically are size (it's a small house) and cost (building a home in my area ain't cheap). For a 30" stove and my existing ventilation system I've calculated that I can get away with 600 cfm.

          1. re: farmersdaughter

            Lots of good choices out there, I'm sure. 600 CFM should be more than enough for the 30" range. But if you have the choice between an interior or exterior ventilator, you might consider going with the exterior version. It will be much quieter.

            1. re: JimN

              Do you mean venting to the outside as opposed to recirculating the air? We are absolutely venting to the outside. A lot of newer loft apartments and condos in my city only have recirculating, which I find to be pretty much useless.

              1. re: farmersdaughter

                No, they both vent to the outside. With an exterior ventilator, the blower is mounted either on an exterior wall or the roof. With an interior ventilator, the blower is mounted inside the hood behind the filters. For obvious reasons, the exterior ventilator will be much quieter. However, it is more expensive and the installation is more difficult.

                1. re: JimN

                  NOTE: check the linear distance you need to vent to the outside. With each foot, after a certain length (that I do not remember), the efficiency drops. In some instances, it can be a tradeoff between noise and efficiency.

        2. I have Viking 30" gas oven since I live in a downtown condo. It was installed about a year ago when we renovated the whole kitchen.

          I love my stove, although I occationally have an ignition issue. Nothing serious. Just need to try a couple of times before it gets going. It bakes great, cooks quick, and it's worth it. Just make sure that you get a powerful enough vent, since 15000 btu each burner is a lot of heat!

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          1. re: coffee1004

            Glad you like your purchase. What venting system did you get?

            1. re: farmersdaughter

              I purchased Zypher, rather than matching Viking vent, since Zypher product seemed quiter and more powerful. It's easy to clean too. I like it alot.

          2. Have had the 36" version of the Viking VGSC3676B, all gas, sealed, self-cleaning, since last April. Like JimN, I love it AND have had ignition problems on the burners (not oven - but no problem getting service from Viking under warranty. I'm waiting for the part right now and am glad to hear that solved his problem).

            The BTUs suit me. I can finally stir-fry well! The oven keeps very accurate temps. I kinda wish it went down below 200 so I could dry my figs... The convection fan allows super even browning on cookies. The broiler simply rocks. It gets so damn hot. I am embarrassed to say I haven't cleaned it yet so don't know about that.

            We bought a Vent A Hood PRH9 Dual Blower which has been fantastic. Cleans in the dishwasher. It goes on automatically when things get hot - a surprise at first but good. Nice bright lights.

            BTW, since you are in the Bay Area, we bought ours from Airport Appliance in Hayward and would NEVER go back there. Beware. Once they made the sale the customer service was non-existent. They wouldn't return over a dozen phone calls, even to management. For our troubles one manager finally promised us an extension on the warranty then said she never did. It was really, really bad.

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            1. re: Junie D

              We remodeled our kitchen in 1993 and it survived the earthquake in Los Angeles in '94; Double gas oven has been satisfactory but the four burner gas top with griddle has always been frustrating and as recently as yesterday my partner was screaming at the lack of a simmer flame (we have another stove upstairs which is forty years old and has that kind of flame, just wonderful). The cook top is difficult to clean and my dream is to replace it. Highly recommend a huge venting system to the outside - ours still works like a hurricane. I think I would go outside Viking if I were looking to put in a new kitchen. We bought ours from Barretts in Santa Monica - excellent service and follow though and cheaper than anyone else on a package deal. Never did work out the automatic cleaning device - once got stuck and had to have an $85 service call to straighten it out.

              1. re: Junie D

                Same experience at General Appliance in Berkeley.

              2. What did you end up getting? I've been researching the same models and am having a hard time deciding (as one of the sales people remarked, it's like comparing a Toyota to a Honda - similar performance, but it's just what you prefer). I am leaning towards the DCS (all gas) - I like the 5 burners, do a lot of high heat cooking, like the gliding racks (do a ton of dessert baking). The contender is a Jade dual-fuel (less $300 for the floor model, so it's the same price as the DCS) - seems like you get more bang for the buck, but heard that the company has been up for sale the last few months which doesn't instill confidence in me. I also thought I wanted an electric oven for the consistency in temperature and the drier heat is great for getting a crisp exterior on roasts and breads. I'm skeptical with a dual-fuel range since I was extremely unhappy with the way my baked goods turned out (could have been the range also - Kenmore Elite (we returned it)). Now I'm back on the market for an upgraded product and want to choose wisely!

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                1. re: cammyhuang

                  I ended up with the 30 inch five burner DCS, all gas. After shopping around, the pricing for the two ranges differed by $120 (DCS was higher), and once I got to the showroom and saw them side by side and was able to compare, there were a number of fine points related to the finish of the cooktop and the grates and burners that I liked better on the DCS as opposed to the Jade. (I think the Jade oven was a little bit bigger, however, but that wasn't a big point for me.)

                  I've heard from bakers that gas is better for bread because it's *not* as dry a heat as electric and you want some steam. However, gas does shut on and off, so the temperature is less even then with electric, so I think if you do a lot of pastry, cakes, cookies, etc. you would want an electric oven. I am a roaster not a pastry maker so gas oven was my choice.

                  I didn't know Jade was up for sale. I believe the brand is owned by Whirlpool which is a huge entity and that didn't bother me. DCS, on the other hand, is owned by Fisher & Paykel, a company in New Zealand, and there have been some anecdotal reports that the product is not quite as good as it was prior to the purchase. That was the main reason I almost went with Jade, but given the price point ended up being only $100 different, I decided to go with DCS.

                  There is a ton of appliance info on the Garden Web appliances forum.

                  The appliances won't be installed for another 60 days so I can't comment on performance . . . yet!