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Jan 16, 2007 08:19 PM

Changing Jobs, Culver City Lunch Spots?

I am changing jobs to Culver City and although I have eaten around there before I know many new restaurants have opened up. What are some good recommendations for lunch time? I love all types of food. I have already been to Beacon, La Dijonaise, Honey Kettle's, Le Hermitage and Tito's Tacos. Any other lunch places that I should try out?

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  1. Surfas Cafe, Blue Bird Cafe, the taco truck near Natalee Thai, Keizo, many of them are withing walking distance of downtown.

    1. I second the taco truck near Natalee Thai (on the north side of the street, right in front of the Smart & Final). Also head over to Samosa House / Bharat Bazaar on Washington, just a few blocks west of the 405.

      1. We enjoyed Ford's Filling Station (next door to Honey's Kettle), though it's a bit above our usual lunchtime price range. I loved the burger ($14) and lusted after the huge fish & chips ($16).

        We used to go to Ballona on Main whenever we were in CC at lunchtime - okay Mexican, pleasant room, nice people, cheap enough. It's kind of bland, but sometimes a bowl of abondigas soup and an enchilada or whatever is just what the creature needs. This creature, anyway.

        There's been some activity today on an older thread about Metro, across from Tito's, a place that looks very much worth investigating. Combination diner and Serbian. No info about prices...

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          OHHHHHH, forgive me, but Ballona is simply dreadful, although you are right about nice people and cheap. I cannot imagine how they have stayed in business all these years, other than they have been there for years and years, and before the recent build up of CC and influx of some wonderful places to eat....and perhaps own the building. Simply the worst Mexican in the area.

          1. re: Jesdamala

            Completely agree re Ballona, it's horrid. And Ford's continues serve good quality ingredients that are poorly executed.

            1. re: slacker

              What's with Ford's? Probably the most inconsistant place on earth... And loudest too!

        2. Annapurna for South Indian, Taste of India for stuffed breads (parathas) and cheap lunch combos, Cooks' Double Dutch Dinette:, Gaby's, Wilson:

          1. Culver City is a big place, actually, extending from where Washington hits the 10 freeway to the east almost to Marina Del Rey to the west. And within the 90230/Culver City zip code are parts of technical-Los Angeles that might as well be Culver City.

            I wrote a post today about Metro Cafe, read that.

            There's El Rincon Criollo, for Cuban on Sepulveda.

            There's Roll N Rye on Sepulveda for "Jewish" deli.

            Sorrento's on Sepulveda is a fine Italian market for sub sandwiches.

            Petrelli's is not a great steak, IMO, but makes a very good bar burger. Order it with grilled onions and a cold beer or cocktail.

            S&W makes really good corned beef hash and eggs. It's on Washington.

            For cheap, cheap Mexican and even burgers at a very quick pace there is Cinco de Mayo next to Tito's. It's underrated.

            Mi Ranchito, Taqueria Sanchez, El Abajeno, Don Chuy's and Tacomiendo all have something to recommend them for different Mexican items. I've never been, but folks like Don Felix as well. You can search the board for addresses to any of them.

            For Hawaiian coffee shop food including good burgers, egg royales, pork and loco moco, there's Rutt's on Washington.

            Giovanni's is one of our favorites for Italian.

            Fish and Chips and Shrimp and Chips and even hot wings are great at Smitty's for a fast lunch.

            I do like the other places mentioned in this thread and I bet others have many more.