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Jan 16, 2007 08:15 PM

Dinner tonight near Ave X and McDonald? (F-train)

Tonight we're heading out to a Transit Museum thing @ the MTA Overhaul Station (Ave X and McDonald). Is there anything worthwhile nearby, either off the Ave X stop, or before Park Slope?

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  1. Joe's of Avenue U. Yummy Sicilian food.

    1. A few blocks up is L&B Spumoni Gardens...home of excellent square pizza...i was visiting my parents over there and picked up 6 squares just for me.

      I think Joe's of Ave U is closed for dinner but they are an excellent foccoceria (sp?). Also, try Fiorentino's...

      1. I've been there for dinner, but if I remember correctly they close at 9 pm.

        1. Go five minutes down the line. NATHAN's! at Stillwell Ave.

          (By the way, please post back and let me know the status of the BUs and D-types...I used to do trolley repairs there during the early '70s on the Trolley Museum of NY's PCC 1000 and Peter Witt 8361, and the North Shore 411.)

          Secret about Nathans...great frog legs, too. Don't forget the fries.

          1. I just posted a review of The Coney Island Soup Shop at 1415 Neptune Avenue. They stay open until 5pm (3pm on Sat). Get some soup and sandwiches to go).