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Jan 16, 2007 08:05 PM

Meeting for dinner halfway between LA & Indian Wells--Mission Inn? Mario's? Ancho's Grill?

We have a limited amount of time on a Thursday in Feb. to meet up with my sis & brother in law, who will be coming from Indian Wells. We have never been to the Mission Inn, & thought it might be a pleasant place to meet. A search of the board yields less than overwhelming praise for the restaurants in the hotel. Anyone have recent experience with any of their restaurants?

Would Ancho's or Mario's be better, perhaps followed by a stroll around the hotel grounds? We like both Mexican & Italian. Ancho's does not appear to be as convenient to the Mission Inn.

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  1. Anchos is far from the Mission Inn. It's near the Galleria Mall (almost to Corona).

    The Mission Inn is right off the 60 and Las Campanas has better Mexican food. Most of the seating is outside in the courtyard though so it might be kind of cold even with their space heaters.

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      I called MI & was told it should be warm enough--this will be near the end of Feb, & they have a fireplace in addition to the heaters, the gentleman said. Any recs on what to order at Las Campanas?

    2. Another suggestion would be The Farm Artisan Foods at 22 East State Street in Redlands. The downtown area of Redlands is much more charming than Riverside.

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        Their new website isn't up and running yet. Any recs there?

      2. Their margaritas are great particularly the Grande size. However, if you expect to drive after stick to the regular size.

        Menu is online at

        1. Ancho's will be way too loud (bare concrete floor) if you want to visit with your relatives, go with Duane's for steaks in the Mission Inn or Las Campanias for dining al fresco, or Mario's which I believe is right across the street.

          Having said that, Ancho's will be way more casual than the others, and the warm tortillas cranked out by the machine in the middle of the restaurant continuously are addictive, if that is important.

          1. Oh, Mario's across the street from the Inn is sublime. Great food, fabulous service! Sevilla is nothing to sneeze at either.

            There is a small place that really only locals know about in San Bernardino. Le Rendezvous, and the service is impeccable, the food is beyond reproach. While the menu is limited, what is on it is astounding. Even with a bottle of wine, you can get out under $100 for two. It's at 4775 North Sierra Way, in San Berdo, you are going to have to Mapquest it. I have been there repeatedly and can never find it right off. Their number is (909) 883-1231.

            Owner and chef Jean-Perre Serre's food is a real surprise in this backwater sort of neighbourhood. He makes everything himself. Even the ice cream.

            Don't tell all your friends, I don't want to have trouble getting reservations!

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              I just visited Le Rendezvous this past weekend on the way to Lake Arrowhead and you're right -- the food is amazing, the service impeccable and the ambiance quite charming. What an unexpected treasure in the middle of a very modest neighborhood.

              It's a family-run slice of French heaven!