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Jan 16, 2007 07:41 PM

a weekend in atlanta


im going to be in atlanta this weekend and im looking for places to eat properly and cheap! i saw fontaine's oyster bar, sounds like a good place. is it? where else? seafood, cajun, southern is what im looking for, but ... not really, anything goes.


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  1. Don't miss Taqueria De Sol for Mexican. You will wait in line, but the carnita tacos more than make up for it.

    Cajun would be Redfish located in Cabbagetown.

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      I do love Taqueria de Sol and Taqueria Sundown but for the charros beans and greens, the specials are really good too. For authentic mexican I would go to Taqueria el Rey del Taco on Buford Hwy. Ask for the tortillas made by hand. They are unbelievable. Very affordable.
      Las Magaritas on Cheshire Bridge has some yummy fish tacos, too.

      1. re: Katj

        FYI, Taqueria Sundown is remodeling to look like the rest. They have "Truckeria del Sol" parked out front in the meantime, but I'm not sure what its hours are. My wife tried to stop in at 7PM the other night and they were closed.

    2. The best Chinese chef in the entire United States (I am not kidding, this is true) is now cooking in Marietta, at Tasty China. Weekends may be tough due to the hoards of Chinese people, but it is worth it to try. Get the real menu and be sure they understand you want the real Ma La stuff. Do a search of this board for more information, and more links that will explain what I'm talking about.

      1. Six Feet Under (across the street from Oakland Cemetery) for good seafood shack fare

        1. Fontaine's is in a great area of town; however the food isn't fabulous. It is in VA Highlands which is a great off the beaten path place to eat, drink, shop, etc. i highly suggest the area. Dish is a more upscale restaurant in that area. Food 101 just opened a place in the area. the food is great, and the location is better.

          where are you staying in the area, and I will pass on more suggestions. also, will you have a car? Atlanta is not walker friendly.

          Another great idea is Loca Luna in midtown. Great tapas, and latin music.

          1. In metro Atlanta, the best Cajun is at Gumbeaux's in downtown Douglasville. A near second is Henry's in downtown Acworth.

            Tastes vary greatly regarding southern food - but I would suggest Collonade on Cheshire Bridge, Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon, Greenwood's on Green Street in Roswell, and Chip's Country Cooking on Roswell Road between Roswell and Sandy Springs.

            Sam & Dave's (two Marietta locations) is my choice for bbq. Their brisket is excellent, their pork, ribs and chicken are very good. They have recently added sausage to the menu, but I have not yet tried it. The sides are all homemade and generally very tasty.

            All of these places are very good and very reasonable, but I feel that Sam & Dave's and Chip's are the most reasonable of all.