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Jan 16, 2007 07:41 PM

IQF Chicken Breasts--defrosting necessary?

Do I need to defrost my IQF (individually quick frozen from Costco) boneless chicken breasts before throwing them on the Foreman? Do I risk overcooking the outside/undercooking the inside if I don't?


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  1. IMHO, you should defrost to near room temperature or at least till thawed, for more even cooking of just about any meat and to get the internal meat up to a bacteria killing temperature. They thaw quickly, a few hrs, on one of those aluminum thaw platters.

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    1. re: dijon

      You mean one of these things? I threw mine out years ago after learning it was bogus.

      1. re: tubman

        It doesn't seem to say they don't work, just that they are overhyped and that there are a few precautions, so what doesn't have that. If you need to defrost some chicken this afternoon, esp iqf, it works great in only a few hrs, and much better than microwaving them, the science of thermal conductivity is sound, true a cast iron skillet might work near as well, little hard to have one big enough. Works for me.

        1. re: dijon

          "Most heat transferred into frozen food comes from the heated tray and not from the air. Similar results could be achieved with any aluminum pan. Further, thawing times claimed in advertisements often will not be achieved, and in many cases actual thawing times may be three or more times longer than the claimed thawing times."

          1. re: peterjhill

            I never pay much attention to the advertised times and I generally dont heat up the slab unless I am really pressed for time. In the summer with 80 ambient air, a solid block of three breasts will defrost in about 2 hours, in the winter at 65 ambient, it takes 3 or 4 hours, it is the thickness of the aluminum that makes it effective as it is an excellent thermal conductor, an aluminum pan will not do same thing as it is too thin. In the winter I try to catch some sun on the black defroster which really speeds things up. IQF chicken defrosts even better. This really lets you take advantage of chicken breasts on sale and kept in the freezer. Try it, you will like it.

    2. They will get really tough on the outside by the time the inside is cooked.
      You can slice them thinner - when I forget to defrost them, I cut them into 1/2" thick slices which cook much faster and don't get tough. It's really easy to cut partially froz chicken.

      1. They are likely coated with a bit of water to form a thin ice crust (helps slow freezer burn) - you would want to thaw.

        As to thawing on one of those metal things - I find that things thaw much faster simply left in a cast-iron skillet - straight from the freezer with its layer of plastic wrap left on - no need for an "unfreezing" appliance, the heavy skillet wicks away the chill just as well.

        1. I thaw them in the microwave until they're still a little icy, but mostly soft, add oil and salt, and Foreman until they've got this crackly crust on the outside and they're tender inside.

          It's a humble preparation, but damn delicious.