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Jan 16, 2007 07:40 PM

MSP - Best Cakes or Best Bakeries?

What are your favorite cakes to buy for celebrations in the Twin Cities? I used to love the Strawberry Scandinavian Torte at Taste of Scandinavia. I'm looking for a yummy cake for a graduation party.

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  1. The Baker's Wife has amazing cakes. They are big, moist and tasty. We ordered a fairly plain cake from them. They found out it was for our very small wedding and they make it super pretty. It was a great touch to a great cake.

    My husband stops by there all the time for other pastries too. I've never tried anything but the cake, but he swears by it.

    1. I tend to go for cupcakes (small kids) and I will only go to PJ murphys in st paul on Randolf - btw Hamline & Lexington.

      the cupcakes are 75 cents, are a great size & have excellent frosting - very moist & I get an assortment of chocolate, vanilla etc.

      I did get a cake last year from them as well - it was pretty good - I remember why I prefer cupcakes - much easier to serve to a crowd.

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      1. re: St Paul Susie

        I love PJ Murphy's cupcakes! Also, I love the adorable "monster" cookies and "tea hat" cookies they make.

        (The exact cross street on Randolph is Syndicate, which is, as Susie says, between Ham and Lex.)


      2. In a different thread about wedding cakes, there was a discussion about Soile Anderson's torte possibly being available through her new outlets, Deco Catering and/or Finnish Bistro.

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        1. re: KTFoley

          Deco Catering isn't new, it has been around for years as a spin off of The Deco Restaurant she ran in St. Paul years ago. The Finnish Bistro is simply a new face on her old Como Av. Taste of Scandinavia location. That notwithstanding, you could still check on the cakes.

        2. My favorite places for celebratory cake are the Franklin Street Bakery, Birchwood Cafe, and Turtle Bread, and Key's Cafe in Roseville. (I love Key's House Chocolate Cake with sour-cream icing!)

          But definitely check out the Finnish Bistro if you're pining for Soile Anderson's cakes. I'm so glad she's still around and cooking!


          1. I may sound like a broken record here but I'm going to put in another plug for Jerebek's Bakery in St. Paul. The cakes are reasonably priced and very good.