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Jan 16, 2007 07:40 PM

Louisville KY walker

I'll be attending a conference in Louisville KY next week, staying at the Galt House. I've searched this board but haven't found what I was looking for...good places to eat within walking distance of the Galt House. I'll be there for 3 days, and am looking for any chow-worthy food that I would be able to walk to. And I'm willing to walk a bit (if it's within a mile, to me that's walking distance). I've never been to Louisville before, so am putting myself into the hands of the chow community for help here!

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  1. The best place within walking distance of downtown is the Mayan Gypsy (E Market St). It's a bit less than a mile from downtown, in an interesting neighborhood that has a bunch of art galleries. The restaurant is good, and different from the standard fare. Worth the walk.
    For more recommendations, check out Louisville Hot Bytes:

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      The Mayan Gypsy's owner opened The Mayan Cafe last week. Definetly worth the walk.

      Artemesia is good, too--it's on East Market, as well. I've been to RAW on 4th Street (nearby, but not part of, 4th Street Live!), and loved it. Both the Seelbach and the Brown hotels have great restaurants.

    2. I was a fan of the Mayan Gypsy, too, but I think that it went out of business just recently.

      Within walking distance of the Galt House:
      Head west down Main Street and you'll find the Bristol (good value and basic fare), Proof (pricey Italian, but in a new eccentric hotel that you might want to check out called 21C), and Vincenzo's (pricey Italian, just down 5th street).
      Head south down Fourth Street and you'll find 4th Street Live, with a collection of restaurants and clubs. Just ask the hotel staff, and they'll tell you how to get there without having to walk outside.

      1. I recently attended a conference in Louisville without a car, staying at the Galt House Hotel, so I thought I would add to this thread for the benefit of those in the same situation in the future. In my research I found there's a dearth of information on where to eat in DT Louisville without a car, and I couldn't find a bus schedule anywhere near the Convention Center, not even at the visitor information office. Taxis are very expensive...about $18-$20 for a 4 or 5 mile distance. Unless you want to eat a hotel breakfast or grab a bagel or pastry from a coffeehouse, there are not so many options. We woke up early and walked a mile or so to Toast on Market (the lemon souffle pancakes were particularly good) and Mr. Z's Diner on 3rd and Breckenridge ($3.50 breakfast specials with eggs, toast, hash browns and sausage or bacon, country ham and eggs for $6.99). I highly recommend both of these places for a breakfast that is tastier and a better value than what the hotels serve. The trolleys will take you to these places as well...we just felt like walking.

        For lunch Luigi's Pizza on Main St and Bistro 301 across from the C.C. on Market had tasty fare that wasn't too pricey. I'd skip out on 4th Street Live and all of the chain restaurants within unless you are really pressed for time and need a sandwich to go from the food court. Bistro 301 serves dinner as well...I think Luigi's Pizza closes at 5 pm.

        I highly recommend Saffron's for lunch or dinner. It's a Persian restaurant with white tablecloths and moderate prices. The service was excellent and the food was delicious. I recommend the kabobs, stews, and Persian ice cream flavored with saffron, rosewater and pistachios. It's just east of the C.C. on Market St.

        My experience with the Bristol Bar and Grill was just okay. Bistro 301 has a similar menu but did a better job with the food and service. Most of these places have menus on their websites. Cunningham's is also a good choice for lunch or dinner. It's just south of 4th Street Live a couple of blocks. It's an old family style restaurant, nothing fancy, but for a homey comfort food type of meal it definitely satisfies. The seasoned cabbage side dish was surprisingly good.