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Jan 16, 2007 07:38 PM

Interesting chow in Midtown

I just got a temp job on 57th and Madison. I walk over from Columbus Circle. Any good recomendations for a quick breakfast and lunch spot for a foodie like myself? I am only a temp so the purse strings are a bit tight, but I could splurge once a week or so.

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  1. Sushiya on 56th between 5th and 6th is great, inexpensive sushi. They also have lunch specials (bento boxes) that are a good value.

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      i used to go to sushiya regularly (like once a week) but about a year ago the quality started to slip and finally i just gave up. how long have you been going? (as my friend said, it just wasn't giving her that special sushi feeling anymore.) i'm curious if it's gotten better again. i'm willing to give it another shot, but need some reassurance that it's really decent again.

      my go to place now is a block away, just east of the (also good) Menkuitei on 56th bet 5th and 6th, same side of the street. they also have really good specials that change every day.

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        forgot to say that it's called Ise.

    2. Fika Sweedish Espresso Bar is pretty cool. They've got some really good sandwiches and salads:

      There's also a Turkish Buffet that I really like on 55th btw. Lex & 3rd. The food is average to decent- but it's all you can eat for $10

      Of course there's always Menchanko Tei (55th just east of 6th) or Men Kui Tei (56th just east of 6th) for awesome Ramen.

      1. Aquavit Cafe (55th Mad-Park) has a daily $24 prixe fixe- herring!

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          Yeah! My boyfriend took me out there and it was amazing! 3 Aquavit lunches are good for the soul!

          1. There is Le Pain Quotidien on 7th ave and 58th for your morning coffee on your way to work.

            1. I used to work in Midtown -- a culinary wasteland unless you're making seven figures or have a huge expense account. Three or four years ago, after combing Zagat's to see if there was anything interesting around, I stumbled on Pampano, a friendly and lovely place that serves excellently-prepared Mexican/Latin food with a gourmet twist (especially seafood). I've taken scores of people there -- from executives to secretaries to artists to lawyers -- and all loved the place. E. 49th between 2nd and 3rd.